Spookasonic – Cash In Hand

Knowledge Is Power Promotions present “Cash In Hand”, the new mixtape from upcoming MC Spookasonic, with a varied range of tracks and sounds from Hip Hop to Dubstep and Dancehall, Grime and Electronic. ‘Super Sharp Spooka 2016′ is the opening tune on the tape, and Spookasonic displays fast-flowing energetic spitting on a bass-driven, drum and bass influenced beat, the bars are just as nutty as his flow. The title track ‘Cash In Hand’ emphasizes Spookasonic’s need for cash in his pocket, and he displays superb wordplay skills with many punchlines on this uptempo, heavy hitting banger. ‘Might Get 5′ is a dark trap banger from Spooka, and humorously samples Family Guy’s Stevie, followed by Spooka spraying hard-edged gritty bars that talk on his grind and how he gets paid from week to week.
There are plenty of grime tunes in abundance for all of you grime fans, from ‘Yes Indeed’ to ‘Corr Blime’, which borders on a more dubstep vibe, then there is ‘Light Work’ featuring Navigator, and it features the pair licking down a dutty, bass-heavy grime beat. Navigator lends his dancehall-influenced vocals for this track which is about these two finding those things that feel passionately about as light work. From grinding to music, or even smoking a spliff, it’s all lightwork. ‘Barbarian Hype’ is literally a hype one, featuring Spookasonic duppying a grime beat which consists of those old skool ringtone synths. Spooka shells hard hitting lyrics on the track, displaying a range of flows that are hype and pacey.
Dirty Smirks links up with Spooka on ‘Red Alert’ which sees them serve an L to their enemies with murderous bars, causing damage with fire flows. Spooka gives you remixes of two of the biggest trap bangers of 2016 so far, Desiigner’s Panda and Fat Joe’s All The Way Up, both which he lyrically belittles rival mc’s. On the Panda Remix, he shows that he can hit you with half time trap flows.
After all the hype fired your way, ‘Get High’ is a come down and all about the desire to relax and chill, sit back and get high. A soulful R&B influenced jam, featuring Dirty Smirks, the pair deliver laid back, sauntering bars about kicking it and blazing up. ‘High On Life’ is a dancehall tune with a summer’s party vibe, and one that encapsulates the idea of living it up and enjoying life. Spooka delivers a solid chorus on this one but still has that rawness about his flow and delivery. ‘Back To JA’ is another dancehall infused riddim with lyrics from Spookasonic who rhymes about returning to the place that gave birth to Dancehall and Reggae, Jamaica. To return, smoke the loud and have some drinks, jam to the music of the Marleys amongst others, eating with the family and walking on the beaches. Sounds like the life, chilling out in the sun. To round off the mixtape is the gritty, bass-laden ‘MC Hammer’ and ‘Punch Above Your Weight’, featuring Dirty Smirks. Spooka hits you ears with those crazy flows again to inject you with energy again.
Spookasonic is like a Jack of all trades, getting busy on Dubstep, Grime, Drum and Bass, Dancehall and Hip Hop. His flows are somewhat electrifying and captivating, especially when he is firing rapidly. His lyrical content expresses what he is about, making money off his own grind which is music in particular, and smoking weed and having fun after all the hard work, or light work as the case may be. You can stream and purchase Spookasonic’s new mixtape “Cash In Hand” below to find out for yourself what all the hype is about. Leave us your feedback in the comments section now . . .

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