Creativity can sometimes be spontaneous, and that is exactly what happened when Squintz took a look at himself in the mirror, and whilst he was not directly inspired by the film Candyman, admittedly not having heard of it beforehand, Squintz found himself repeating “I’m the candyman…” over and over, inadvertently quoting the film, summoning his inner-demon, therefore birthing his latest video, ‘Candyman’. This Halloween-themed song/video, produced by Squintz himself, and shot by Kinsella, features SQ lyrically murdering a instrumental laden with Drill-inspired percussion and a Grime-orientated bass line. Along with his distinctive deep, gravelly tone of voice, Squintz delivers bars that reflect his sweet boy image with women, as well his anti-social behavior, alluding to his penchant for recreational drug use and being intoxicated, whilst also handling his business, seeming moody and unapproachable if he is aggravated whilst in his zone.

The dark visuals make an urban legend of Squintz too, as he steps out on to the streets, a darkly lit alley way, and sitting at a graffiti-adorned bus stop, keeping it gang and spraying his bars, leaving shells in his wake.

Watch the video in 4K below and leave feedback in the comments section.

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Produced By Squintz
Shot By Kinsella

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