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UK Hip Hop Lyricist Staxxy, based in Derby, is back with a new project entitled “FRIO”, released via Arthur St Studios. Just as previous projects from Staxxy have shown, is that this lyricist puts his heart and soul in to his music, the lyrics he writes to the beats that also evoke emotions and feelings too.
‘Catch Me’ featuring Singer/Songwriter Gracey kicks off the project, with Staxxy displaying a positive, motivated attitude, with the chorus reinforcing that these two artists are happy doing what they want, creating music presumably. Just like this track, ‘She Said He Said’ Parts 1 & 2 feature Singer Chanice. Part 1 is a personal favourite, with an Hip Hop-come-RnB style beat and dazzling singing from Chanice, Staxxy rhymes over a rhythmic beat and latin guitar riff, spinning a tale of an unhappy relationship from both sides, the man bringing down his girl with unhappiness and the woman searching for love or happiness elsewhere. Staxxy takes it old school with ‘Maroon Man’, kicking rhymes on a classic sounding Hip Hop beat with a jazzy, soulful melody, complete with record pops. A mellowing track that moves along like a slow jam, Staxxy “sings the blues” about the absence of his woman.
As you go further in to the project, there are songs like ‘My Bro’, a hard hitting trap song on which Staxxy questions the loyalty of those around him and whether they are down to ride for him, and he also reminisces about one of his closest brothers who passed away. ‘Oh My x2′ is another song from Staxxy regarding failed relationships, but features a hard-hearted Staxxy rhyming on a bass-booming, melodic trap beat about moving on from his ex-girlfriend like it’s nothing. ‘Grey Clouds’ is an anthem for the smokers, Staxxy spitting bars about getting high at times and escaping reality. The brilliant singing from the female singer and Staxxy simultaneously is a brilliant addition to the chorus and the song as a whole.
Aside from relationships, Staxxy may be married to the music. ‘No Favours / Run Away’ explores Staxxy’s attachment to the music, preferring to be on his own at times, and having trust issues and no patience for anyone bringing around negativity. ‘Got To Get It’ also is about Staxxy’s preference for being alone, and is also about the stressful times in his life, and the only solution seems to be getting paid from your dreams and aspirations.
FRIO seems to have a continuous theme throughout, exploring Staxxy’s heartache from life’s obstacles and his music career. The production once again is spot on from Staxxy, a mix of new sounding trap-influenced rap beats, old school sounding instrumentals, and R&B/Soul-influenced Hip Hop. The beat selection complements Staxxy’s mellow thoughts and rhymes.
Stream/Download Staxxy “FRIO” below and leave us your feedback in the comments section.

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