Sticky Blood – Interview

Introduce yourselves and tell us about how you came to form Sticky Blood, and why the name?!

We started sticky blood after we were both working with each other on the hip hop clubs and spades project

Sticky Blood bring a unique hybrid sound, experimenting with Trap, Grime, Electronic and more. How would you guys sum up your sound?

Tall dark and

The Rock music that Andy performed with Arctic Monkeys is quite a step away from Trap/Hip Hop and Grime. What are both of your earliest memories of music and what influenced you?

We both grew up listening to bands and Hip Hop as much as each other so it not really been a big change for us.

Working as a production duo, what is the process like when you are producing a track for instance?

It’s ALL WAYS different it never starts the same we just try different things till something sticks.

You’ve both worked with numerous acts including fellow Sheffield musicians Toddla T and Coco. Are there any emcee’s or singers you would both like to collaborate next?

There are loads we like working with people when we all get on the same vibe. We would work with anyone if they were cool and got on like we do.

Obviously Sticky Blood is leading the way for producers in the UK, but collaborations with vocalists is vital. What are your opinions and advice to producers selling beats to rappers?

If that’s what ya wanna do then do it.why not. It’s. It easy to make money in this game so if that’s working for you then do it. But it’s hard to invest time when you get nothing back.

You have just followed up ‘Garn Again’ with the new banger ‘Oh My Days’ featuring All Trap Music/Hot Damn Records JiKay and Boy Better Know’s Frisco. Tell us a bit about the single?

The instrumental has been floating about for a bout 2 years. Frisco came to our studio and we played it him and he jumped right on it and did it proud.

Could you give us an insight into the making of the video for ‘Oh My Days’ which was premiered on SBTV?

Yeah it was a bit mad really we just jumped in the car and went to find Frisco lol. We ended up on a few side roads and industrial parks which are always good to grimie videos.

Can we expect a new EP release any time soon? Maybe a debut studio album?

Not a album yet but are just putting finishing touches to our mixtape and getting ready to shoot the videos we are aiming to do a video for each song. That will be out in Jan

Do you both have any plans to take your music live in the near future?

Not just yet but we are starting to DJ more.

As we draw near to the end of this year, what do you guys hope/plan to achieve in 2017?

More music on a higher level and bigger artists in the studio.

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