Subten – The Subway EP

Jump on the subway to 140 Shellington Square! North London Grime artist Subten takes you on a fast-moving, energetic, roller-coaster ride of 140 vibez on his newly released The Subway EP, out now available for streaming and purchase, via M-Global. Featuring production from long time music collaborator Limitless MFR, TwoSeven, Walkz, Stikmatik and J Beatz, Double S is one of several featured emcee’s, both formerly members of Shoddy Crew, on one the first singles off of the EP, ‘Oh What S Shame’, a catchy grime riddim with an infectious melodic beat by Limitless, catchy hook and rapid flows and bars that taunt those with lesser skills than themselves, in a boastful manner. ‘Are You Sure’ is produced by Walkz, who has emerged as producer from North to watch out for, having lent his production to the ‘Juice’ single by Double S, Ekeno and Dthrills. A whole different vibe yet again, a 140bpm murky sounding trap beat, featuring skippy flows from the flow farda himself, and a back to back chorus from Double S and Subten, whose assertive delivery rounds off a track that warns those coming around them to come correct, or get found out. The ping-pong, back to back verses from Double S and Subten is exciting to listen to. Begs the question, when is that Marvell reunion coming?

Grime newcomer Yizzy, who just returned from supporting $ki Mask The Slump God, features on the Stikmatik-produced ‘Top Boy’ which affirms that Subten has been on top of the game from day one, just check the history! Yizzy storms in with a crazy, double-time flow too. From new gen to grime original, ‘Now Or Never’, which premiered on BBC Radio 1Xtra last last year, features Manga Saint Hilare and Subten on a gloomy grime production by TwoSeven. The song explores and conveys the hunger and determination, and often pains and struggle to graft, that many artists endure to just make it, sometimes for many years.

As well as several features on the EP, the title track is one of many solo singles and tracks that prove that Subten can deliver on his own. Having already proved this with previously released ‘Scan My Face’, and ‘Ed Edd N Eddy’, the energetic, melodic, skippy-flowing track that pays homage to the Canadian-American animated comedy, the title track almost brings to life Subten’s world of his own, a city that is for ever showering where ever he goes, and residing on 140 Shellington Square. An animated music video for this would be so brilliant! Produced by TwoSeven, this producer takes the spotlight for several bangers on the EP, including ‘Kick Down Doors’, a rhythmic grime track that yet again reiterates that Subten is formidable when he steps on sets, even in a clash, having grime run in his veins from early. The catchy, metaphorical hook tops off the track superbly.

Subten is no stranger to the grime scene, although he may seem like a newcomer due to an emphatic 2017, he has been around since the early times, perfecting and honing his craft, and his flows and beat selection sometimes reflect that. A talented barrer and all-round emcee, as proven on numerous occasions on radio and at events, Subten proves beyond doubt that he is a accomplished songwriter too, as showcased in the three main singles and their catchy hooks; ‘Scan My Face’, ‘Oh What A Shame’ and ‘Ed Edd N Eddy’. 2018 is going to be a special year for the Grime scene in general, but Subten will be one to watch out for also, if he stays consistent. He’s following in the footsteps of the likes of Chip and Skepta, who have gone on to have successful careers as grime emcee’s.


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