The Real Nuisance – Adobo (Music Video)

The Real Nuisance marks his return with his first music video, released via SP Studios, for a banging Grime riddim called ‘Adobo’. Nuisance delivers terrific, fast-flowing bars on a ringing grime-come-trap beat by Jacob Lethal Beats, the ravenous London emcee lyrically eats other emcee’s with braggadocio, sharp and witty lyrics and heavy-hitting lines. The Real Nuisance likens the demolition of emcee’s to eating Adobo, a Philippine dish, a nod to his roots. The community-spirited, unifying visuals are filmed in the Filipino community and at a Milton Keynes Filipino festival and features cameos from ‘Paul Stephan’ ‘Taylor Made’ ‘Quincy’ ‘Jae Juelz’ ‘SP’ ‘KayFlip’ and many more.

The Real Nuisance’s father, talented guitarist Terry Cullen, inspired and motivated him to pursue his own path in music, despite his father not having pursued his own dream. Introduced to Grime in its beginning stages whilst still at secondary school, Nuisance, real name Aaron James Cully, went on to develop his vibrant and persistent personality, and he soon became his music alter ego Nuisane.

A part of a community that was Grime heavy, Nuisance was soon brought to a local youth club ‘YMCA’ by Tinie Tempah, where he met Saskilla, Boya D and Likkle P, and realised his potential to take music further. His connections soon landed his first studio session at JC Pro Recordings, a local music hotspot at the time, leading to a chain of short tracks during his time in school, a time when the only means to share music was via MSN! His name began to grow in popularity and he was later involved in a number of collaborations and collectives within the Grime industry. A musical era that was a big part in the making of who The Real Nuisance is today was a period when he was part of a collective called Carelss Camp. Formed by himself, Jack Fitz, Hackah, Merkah and Klenza with later additions. His love for music began to leave a permanent mark. It’s safe to say that Careless Camp was the true beginning.

With the local SP Studios giving him everything he needed to learn to go and be successful, Nuisance has flourished. He’s learnt the true power of respect, patience, hard work, maintaining a positive attitude, and that everything is a learning curve. Not to mention musical knowledge and of course like knowledge!

Exploring his entrepreneurial intuition , ‘The Real Nuisance’ looks to launch his own line of clothes in the near future. These are early samples of what to expect. The Brand is named after himself abbreviated to ‘trn.’

Catch The Real Nuisance performing ‘Adobo’ for the first time at popular filipino venue ‘Bar FM’ 17th September 2017. Also watch out for for future performances at ‘Limehouse London’ and Grime Live 3.

Watch ‘Adobo’ released on popular Filipino YouTube channel ‘Senpai Kazu’, and leave your comments in the section below.

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