Torii Wolf f/ Macklemore & DJ Premier “Free” (Produced by King Of Chill)

Launching on to the music scene “as if she was shot out of a cannon”, Singer/Songwriter Torii Wolf, hailing from Wantagh, New York, has enhanced herself artistically over the years, due to trading coasts, “bouncing around West Coast cities”. She has shunned categories, genres, confinement and convention.

With support from Complex, Billboard, On Smash, Rap Radar, Miss Info, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork and more, it is no wonder on first listen of her soft, sultry voice, range and musicality. Joining up with rapper Macklemore and legendary Hip Hop producer DJ Premier for her new single ‘Free’, produced by King Of Chill, Torii Wolf’s presence on the song is bold and strong, spreading her vocal wings on this single and flying for freedom. Macklemore drops a well-delivered lyrics detailing his his fight and struggle on this earth for freedom, to be his authentic self, and the song as a whole teaches that freedom comes from within.

A special song to Torii, ‘Free’ is very relatable and details the battle that we each face each day to find our own identity and be ourselves, and is about being comfortable in your own skin and with who we are. Torii Wolf explained to Complex, who premiered the single:

I find the content of someone else’s mind most attractive.  Feeling free in my gender fluidity and the way I connect with other humans is vital to my being.  To feel safe in outwardly expressing what it is that ignites a spark in me can be very challenging in the society we live in. However, it’s only harder when I try and resist it. It feels very important for me to lead by example in sharing with others how we are in control of our own destiny.  To be in touch with ourselves in knowing what we want, who we are and what feels good is such a gift.  It radiates and it is very liberating.  Allowing your spirit to shine can be contagious and that freedom from within is the light that we all need. I’d also like to mention how without even getting to in-depth with him conceptually, Macklemore’s verse fell so in line with the feel so organically.  Ben’s words are so dope and I feel so grateful to hold space for them on this record. “my spar partner is the devil, but I train with God” and “as long as I’m me, then you know that I’m free”; are such incredible lines that truly resonate.”

‘Free’ is taken from Torii Wolf’s forthcoming debut album “Flow Riiot”, with DJ Premier helming almost the entire album, and Macklemore being the lone feature on the album. Additional production comes from King Of Chill, AraabMuzik & Mike Zombie. Whilst iconic producer Preemo has produced for Hip Hop heavyweights from Gangstarr, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Mac Miller, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Joey Bada$$, and most recently, PRhyme (with Royce 5’9”).

DJ Premier has also produced for several Singer/Songwriters, including D’Angelo, Janet Jackson, Anderson .Paak, Macy Gray, Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera (which his work won a Grammy for). With a distinguished sound, a “hallmark of positive and advanced music”, Produced By DJ Premier are four words that have become “synonymous with the cornerstone of hip-hop’s sound”. Grammy’s, Platinum & Gold plaques have undoubtedly earned him iconic status within the music industry let alone the Hip Hop scene.

When we had our first meeting to compile which songs were going to make the album, King Of Chill plays this track that I hadn’t heard” DJ Premier stated to Complex.  “It was only a beat and Torii was singing a line from The Police’s “Voices  Inside My Head.”  I asked both of them; why have I never heard this?  It needed lyrics, but we removed the hook because I wanted to scratch on it. Torii came back to the studio, wrote and recorded her vocals and she decided to call it “Free.”  I was instantly hooked on this being one of the single releases from the album.”

What stands out with Torii Wolf’s debut project is that never before has Preemo took the reigns, for all the iconic female artists that he has collaborated with, this is his first outing serving as executive producer and producing the bulk of the material. It may seem that Torii Wolf has both caught Preemo’s attention and earned his respect . . . and that takes a lot!

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