Twisted Insane & Charlie Ray – The Gatekeeper and the Keymaster

With several releases in the pipeline from the Brainsick label, including Twisted Insane’s Shoot For the Face 2 and 2.5, and Iso’s Autophobia, it looks to be an explosive year beyond for them. The latest album is in the form of this Halloween drop, Twisted Insane and Charlie Ray’s “The Gatekeeper and the Keymaster”, featuring many familiar tracks, ‘Orbit’, ‘H.G.H’, ‘Burnt Out’, ‘Busy Boi’ and ‘Dab 2 the Face’. The production for the album is without heavy hitting, both thumping West Coast beats and bass-booming trap instrumentals feature. The two emcee’s display their chemistry down to a tee on the album, going back and forth on ‘Orbit’, showcasing the pair’s wordplay skills as they rhyme about hanging in orbit, getting high off the weed. ‘Burnt Out’ is an introspective song lyrically, about the struggles and the things that Twisted Insane and C. Ray don’t like in the rap game, making them feel burnt out. ‘H.G.H’ is a monster of a track from the weight-lifting duo who both throw their weight around lyrically on the track, serving up an anthem for those pumping weights and one to get you fuelled up and ready for a fight. You know those times when someone comes around you with so much bullshit you can’t be bothered with them? Yep, well Twisted and C.Ray show how you how to deal with those people on the heavy hitter ‘Busy Boi’, featuring impeccably rapid flows from Twisted Insane and great song writing from both overall. ‘Dab 2 the Face’ features Iso, and all three spaz out on this one with crazy speed flows and much energy, rhyming about the insane, brainsick thoughts actions they experience when high off of the weed. ‘Bill Clinton’ and ‘About You’ have Charlie Ray’s West Coast style stamped all over them, and the production could even rival that of Dr. Dre’s on 2001. C.Ray, on these tracks like several others, may draw comparison to Nate Dogg, as Charlie is prone to delivering harmonious vocals. ‘Get Down’ features Redro Killson alongside Twisted Insane and C.Ray, and has all the characteristics of Twisted Insane’s debut album ‘Shoot For the Face’. Both Twisted Insane and Charlie Ray’s West Coast influences on this album are somewhat far between and contrasting, yet both meet in the middle on most of the trap bangers they provide.

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