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‘Leave a Comment’ is the brand new album from breakout Finnish Hip Hop artist View, AKA 25 year old Juuso Ruohonen, out on 17 November via VILD Recordings. ‘Leave a Comment’ is a “confessional, confident debut album” from the Helsinki-based wordsmith, whose already made waves in his home country with his own brand of murky, intoxicating beats and cutting lyrics. View favours minimalism and low-toned sounds, focusing on underground, personal issues such as depression and identity, giving his music an authentic element of realism and truth. In 2015, View released his breakout EP, ‘Avalon’, which featured the LCMDF-team up track ‘Lace’, which received international exposure and coverage from The 405 and The Line Of Best Fit. From there, a fuse was lit, and the fire is now raging!

Hard-hitting tracks like ‘Trippin’ Sober’, and uber trap-influenced bass-heavy offering, or the wild turn-up banger ‘Bad Habits’ featuring Sini Yasemin on a hypnotic trap beat, are just one end of the spectrum of genre and mood that View captures, as he demonstrates his ability as a multi-talented artist to switch up the sound. These tracks are mirrored by softer, more intimate gems like ‘Deeper (Bitch Leave a Comment)’, featuring polished vocals from singer Ronya on a whirring, synth-laden R&B-influenced, trap-infused production. The sinking vibe goes hand in hand with the lyrics, about sinking deeper, more intoxicated by feelings or substances even. ‘Say It Again’ featuring Kasmir is another, yet more ambient, mellowing R&B-influenced track. Both tracks are centered around laid-back vocals by the singers.

Grime, hip-hop, ballads, dub step; it’s all present and crafted so exquisitely that it triumphs at every hurdle.” A wide spectrum of sounds on the album, and View has a confident swagger from the off, as opener ‘Do It Again’ proves. The Finnish rapper spits “I’ve got layers on my soul and now you knowin’ that I ain’t lying…”, displaying confidence that is unprecedented. The track is complimented by fellow Hip Hop artist Binyam, and sets the bar high for the record.

View’s depth as an artist is shown on pensive and vulnerable tracks like the ambient, melancholy and mellowing ‘Pour Me Up’ and ‘Hindenburg’, which both touch upon themes of mental health and fame/money (issues fundamental to View’s zeitgeist).

A 3-part music video will also be released, in conjunction with the drop of ‘Leave a Comment’, to promote ‘Do It Again’, ‘Burn Slow’ and ‘Bad Habits’. As with most of View’s previously released videos, you can expect visually-heavy, dark scenes mirrored by the track’s lyrical substance. Due to the heavier, electronic and dubstep-inspired tracks, ‘Burn Slow’ and ‘Bad Habits’, Joonas Laaksoharju and Matti Vesanen (previously worked with fellow Helsinki artists Lil’ Tony and Trevor Deep Jr.) are expected to deviate from what we’ve seen before and cinematically showcase another side to View.

View will also embark on a 10-date tour across Germany, Australia and Switzerland in February, beginning at One of a Million Festival in Baden, completing dates at Milla in Munich and YUCA in Cologne, before finalizing the tour in Vienna. With a powerful debut effort under his belt, 2018 looks set to be the year for the breakout Finnish rapper.

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