WATTS – A Place We Used to Call Home

WATTS is an American unsigned and independent Canadian Rapper from Quebec City, whose style consists of “fast aggressive flows and brutal but meaningful lyrics”. Also a Death Metal/Hardcore Singer, WATTS performs in a band called Go To WhiteCastle.

Earlie this year, WATTS released his first mixtape entitled ‘A Place We Used To Call Home’, which features established underground artists Twisted Insane, Apathy and Celph Titled (DEMIGODZ).

Intense, powerful and brutal but honest and meaningful lyrics from WATTS, with production that is heavy hitting and metal-influenced. The title track, which features Apathy and Celph Titled opens with cinematic-like strings and powerful operatic and choir-like background vocals, with WATTS storming in with fast-flowing lyrics rhyming about the struggle and pain in a life of agony. The bars that the three lyricists spit are punishing, especially those of Apathy and Celph Titled, both bringing the lyrical war to their enemies. The aggressive war undertones of the chorus from WATTS epitomizes the gladiator-like, fighter mentality that the three portray.

‘Us The Masses’ is one of several tracks to explore WATTS’ beliefs in religion, and it is clear that WATTS follows none, following nothing or anyone that divides and sets rules for their own agenda. This particular track features relentlessly fast flows WATTS, who displays a range of flows from half time to double time, with intervals between the verses and chorus where the beat dips in to grungy, rock-infused guitar strings. ‘The Great Dividers’ further explores WATTS’ own sentiments on how religion divides us.

Twisted Insane features on ‘Thin Line’, an up-tempo trap banger from WATTS, featuring a hook that reiterates that there is a line you do not cross when dealing with these two emcee’s. The flows from the two are ricocheting off the beat rapidly, as they serve lyrical shots. The mixtape only gets more punishing and dark on ‘Beast Inside’, as the lyrical content explores the dark humanity that exists today. As WATTS says, “you fight fire with fire”, and that he does on this track as he summons up his inner beast, the closest you might see to hell.

‘Origin Of Hatred’ is another track to be influenced by rock and heavy metal, opening with operatic strings, background vocals alike on the chorus, as a grungy guitar riff collides with the strings. The lyrics that WATTS delivers are not only religious, but also political too, as he rhymes about hatred and where it stems from. This is WATTS’ track where he encourages us to oppress the powers that be, the system that is controlling us, and directing the most hate. ‘Gun Down’ is powerful track that explores suicide, the causes that lead many to that way of thinking, but all stresses how it is preventable, via excerpts from the media. Politics play a role as well as social circumstances, as the use of guns is also involved in most cases of suicide. The last track on the mixtape is ‘Ease Your Mind’ and is a more upbeat, energetic track from WATTS, who gravitates towards the positive, as he attempts to not only ease his own mind, but stresses the listener to also. WATTS effortlessly switches up the flow, also with ease.

WATTS is beast of a rapper, flow-wise and lyrically. Not only can decimate a track with fast aggressive flows, but he can open your mind with thought-provoking, meaningful lyrics about politics, religion, humanity and mental illness. WATTS has lyrical substance in abundance, and his song-writing skills are reflected in some of the brilliant choruses on the mixtape.

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