William Brazier – Cabin Fever

William Brazier is 23, soon to be 24 year old rapper from the UK, who has previously released the “Young N Infamous” mixtape that gradually built up over 25K downloads on his bandcamp after release. Based on modern society, his new release “Cabin Fever” now focuses on himself, giving fans and listeners a glimpse in his personal life.

‘Cabin Fever’, the title track on the mixtape straight away displays William’s level of lyricism and wordplay. He spits on a slow, cold rap beat, very atmospheric and setting the tone for the mixtape. He rhymes about the times in which he was feeling negativity more than ever, life slipping away from him, becoming more of a recluse.

Mental Illness and depression is something that William explores on tracks like ‘Devil I Know’, which further introspective of his thoughts and feelings, as a musician too. He talks politics on ‘F.U.B.A.R’, and the music industry on ‘Poster Boy’, concluding that he is different and not one to go out of his way to impress.

‘Burning Down’ is a great example of the kind of deep lyricism that William Brazier can deliver. Over a slow, sauntering beat, and with a melancholy chorus, the poignant content explores a relationship that is in decay, not having started out very well in the first place. Likewise, ‘Runaway’ features melancholy piano keys on the production, with mellowing strings, as William once again rhymes about his battle with depression, and how he felt like running. Putting a halt to his pursuit of music and social interaction for a time, he can’t live the life he wants to.

William excels in speeding up flows, as displayed on ‘Lights Out’, dark and atmospheric production on which he speeds up his delivery. There is a gladiator-like feel to this gloomy song. ‘Bright Lights’ is a filthy production, up-tempo and grime/trap influenced, and suits William’s fast flows even better. He also spits about what he deems wrong with society and the music industry.

William Brazier’s music explores his battle with mental illness and depression, giving him a different outlook on life and society. In some way, him being different is what makes him the artist he is, not the ordinary working, living person. His music is relatable, and the fact that he opens up and is honest about his life means it is easy to connect. William is of course talented as a lyricist, intricate and deep, thought-provoking. Flow-wise, he suits up-tempo beats more when he spits faster, but with slower instrumentals, he excels in deeper, meaningful lyricism. Not that can’t be lyrical on both though.

Cabin Fever” is released on 20th December! Support this young and upcoming independent artist, who’s crafted this project himself, from recording, mixing and mastering, song-writing and video editing, all himself. Look out for the project on release date (20th December), and stream/download the mixtape!

William Brazier x Cabin Fever


1.) Cabin Fever

2.) Bright Lights

3.) Devil I Know

4.) Burning Down

5.) Poster Boy

6.) Sith

7.) F.U.B.A.R

8.) Demons

9.) Runaway

10.) Raw

11.) Missing Piece

12.) Lights Out

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Instagram: @William_brazier




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