Yatez – Smoke And Mirrors, Pt.1

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Following the release of his highly anticipated single ‘Drowning’, the Birmingham local legend Yatez is back with his next installment of classics and delivers ‘Smoke And Mirrors, Pt 1’. Renowned for his irresistibly smooth melodic harmonies, his unique blend of spoken word and contemporary rap all rounded up with his comprehensive self-productions, Yatez is in a prime position to continue the strong momentum that he has been building up.

Smoke And Mirrors Pt 1’ is the first installment of a 2 part release, consisting of 6 tracks, emphasizing his fine-tuned musical ear. As he combines a combination of rap, grime and R&B as well as elements of jazz and touch of EDM flavour, Yatez’s polished production stands out in a heavily saturated industry. The first track, ‘Lion Hearted’, instantly starts with a triumphant sounding instrumental which leans on the pillars of grime and UK Rap. Yatez comes in with deep lyrical content showcasing his versatility and witty wordplay, this is then complimented with a melodic based hook which ties the track together. The next track, ‘Drowning’, was the only one to be released as a single. Bringing in flavours of afrobeats, we see him taking his R&B sound to the next level, with a powerful hook as well as deeply thought through soul filled verses. ‘Smile’ is an uplifting track, with a more stripped back beat, Yatez wears his heart on his sleeve and gives us a detailed insight into his musical journey. He uses his hard hitting rap based flow to give us some home truths and then continues to pour his heart out with a soulful chorus. ‘22 Times’ is an R&B street ballad, demonstrating his wide vocal range we’re shown why he is known as a musical maestro. The beat wraps around the vocals perfectly as he switches between singing and rapping. The next track ‘Eyes on the road’, which ironically features MC Eyez is an instant classic, with a clinical rap delivery he sets the tone for Eyez to come in and give us a lyrical masterclass. The final track on the project, ‘Not Like Her’, demonstrates everything Yatez can bring to the table. The featuring artist Cojasi Hook brings a different layer of melodies with a passionate hook, then rounding up the EP in style we are given a taste of everything the Birmingham superstar has to offer.

With his past releases gaining him an exclusive GRM Premiere, as well as his recent features in Wonderland, Yatez has the track record to back his powerful music. If you see Yatez stepping out on stage, prepare for yet another experience all together. Performing live with a band, Yatez is able to constantly redefine his sound, style and the experience he gives to fans. With live instruments and stripped back sounds, his live shows have allowed him to explore indie and rock influences, adding another dimension to this rising star who won’t compromise the quality at which he has set his own bar.

As an artist who takes pride in every part of the production, Yatez has mastered the art of creating hits. Now being supported by BE83, the label that are also behind major names including Jaykae, Smoke Boyz and Dapz on The Map, it looks like the Birmingham legend is going to continue elevating to new heights.

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