Young Jay Nine – The Start Off EP

Jay Montana, also known as Young Jay Nine, is a young, upcoming rapper from London, who has just dropped a new release, The Start Off EP, featuring five tracks with a feature from Twin Two on two different tracks.
The title drop The Start Off is a trap-influenced rap banger with melodic, melancholy undertones, as Young Jay Nine rhymes about his own ambitions to get somewhere in music. Jay talks about the struggles of where he comes from, impacting his desire to get up out of his ends.

My Story is another melodic, but R&B influenced track, where Jay literally tells his story, taking the listener back to his younger days, going through school and finding who he was, growing up in his family, and his passion for creating music. Good story telling skills from Young Jay Nine.
Twin Two collaborates with Jay on a heart-wrenching song, simply entitled Depression. Jay and Twin Two talk about their own experiences of depression and how they coped with and overcame it. My Life is a remix of Pusha T’s Dont Fuck With Me, and Young Jay Nine talks about growing up, his relationship with members of his family from his parents to his brother and sister, not forgetting the ones that helped him along his way. Young Jay Nine and Twin Two come together on the last track called System, a song that explores the system that the two exist, grow up and live in, with only a few ways out.

Young Jay Nine comes from the streets of London, where like so many other youngers in his generations are trapped in a system, where only few choices or ways out are presented to them, keep struggling, jail or potentially death at a young age, or work hard towards your dream. Jay has chosen the latter of those choices, taking on this positive mind frame. And it is clear, that whilst he talks about the very real and harsh reality of growing up in that system, he keeps his passion for music and hunger and desire, the ambition to get up out of his area, and leave a better life for his close ones. Lyrically, Young Jay Nine is keeping it real, flow-wise, Jay just needs to practice at and tighten his flows a bit more. Otherwise, this is a promising start off for Jay, it is something to improve and build on.

Stream The Start Off EP now, and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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