Zeo Zeonardo – Interview

How have your surroundings and upbringing shaped you into the artist you are now?

I think I have seen many things since growing up which has made me a quite sensible person. Although maybe a lot of moments in my past has made me the angry rapper/ MC I am today Haha.

Over the years, who have been your main influences/encouragement?

When I first started I was influenced by MC Docta (Birmingham) and Mighty Moe (Heartless). Then as time went I really liked Kano and D double E. Now as I’m more inspired by rappers like Hopsin, Kendrick and Schoolboy Q.

An avid musician, tell us how music has played a part in your life, in and out of the studio?

Music affects my everyday life by putting me into different moods, there are specific songs out there I know that can completely change the way I am feeling and it’s also the same when I am making music, depending on what I am making it will have an effect on the rest of my day.

Your sound and style takes on quite an oriental ‘ninja’ theme. And also calling your fans ninjas, what has been the inspiration behind that?

I’ve always loved Kung Fu films, I’m really into anime, I love Asian culture so I guess it’s all just naturally rubbed off into my music and image haha.


Over the years, you’ve carved out your own independent lane, producing your own music too. How does it feel accomplishing that?

To be honest I don’t quite feel like I have yet. I think maybe I’m “starting to” and that feels really good. So I can’t imagine how great I’m going to feel when I feel like I have truly accomplished that. I have always respected people in their own lane so it makes sense I try to do the same

When thinking of such independent artists/labels such as Tech N9ne and Strange Music, or Kendrick Lamar and TDE, do you have plans for the future to set up your own label?

It’s not something I would say I have plans to do but knowing me it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if it happened one day. I have a very unique taste in music so it would probably make sense. Thanks for the idea lol.

Your not new to the scene, having released ‘Solitary Confinement’ (2006), ‘Solitary 2’ (2013) and ‘RAAH’ (2017). How do you evolve your music to stay current?

Honestly I just always make sure that I’m making what I personally want to make and not what people want to hear. So far it has worked keeping me current but it’s not something I’ve knowingly tried to do.

Tell us about your latest track ‘Wolverine 2’?

Wolverine 2 is the second tune of just straight bars in what I hope will become a popular series of tunes. The video was filmed by Kyle Shox Brown in Cape Verde and the message of the song is me moaning about the scene and basically saying f#*k it I’m going to do me and if you get in my way watch what happens haha.

Will we be hearing it on a new project any time soon?

I think it will just be on YouTube and there will be more Wolverines to come.

Having worked with JME on ‘Teef’, what other artists have you worked with, or would like to work with?

I’ve worked with Eyez, producers such as DJ Q, Bassboy, Suhk Knight, Dexplicit and TRC but that’s all history. In the future I’d love to work with people such as Tech N9ne, Hopsin (got to aim high lol).

Are there any stand out moments or highlights you can pick out from your career so far?

When I supported Hopsin on tour.

When I first got two songs on a Ministry of Sound compilation.

When I worked with JME on Teef.

What are your goals for 2018?

To continue to build my own fan base and to put on my own headline show. Simple.

Where can we find yourself and your music online?

Spotify – Zeo

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