Zeo Zeonardo – RAAH EP

Zeo Zeonardo from Wolverhampton, representing for the Midlands, returns with his brand new EP “RAAH”. The track features previous release ‘Liars’ featuring Eyez, released last year via SBTV. An up-tempo, bouncy grime instrumental, with an oriental theme, produced by Zeo himself, is the foundation for both emcee’s to deliver energetic, pacey flows. They bring the lyrical slaughter with witty wordplay, exposing the liars. ‘999’ is another track, released last year, on which Zeo warns of a lyrical slaughter. Levels above most of his music peers with wordplay, Zeo’s flows are skippy on the thunderous grime beat, laden with grizzly synths.

There is no one else like Zeo as he reiterates on ‘Doom’, as shells it with punishing bars, reminding us that he is self-made, needing no one else’s help, and he threatens of the punishment he might carry out on rivals. The beat haunts you with the hypnotic melody and heavy-hitting beat.

Just how far Zeo will go to protect what he has got, ‘I’d Rather Die’ is a heavy trap-influenced grime riddim produced by Crt, on which he states that he’d rather die than give up his dreams and beliefs. A simple but effective chorus too that is quite catchy, Zeo crushes the beat with heavyweight flows and on-point delivery. This stays in touch with Zeo’s image as a Rōnin, the beat containing hypnotic, oriental style strings.

A gruelling oriental-themed beat yet again on ‘Ego Death’, Zeo serves an L to all of those with egos in the scene, with all the fame and no talent. Zeo delivers his bars impeccably, clever and witty wordplay in abundance. ‘Venom’ featuring Zeo is a story of love, likening it to drinking poison, replenishing your health mentally. Zeo lends her amazing, soulful vocals on the dark, gloomy production. ‘My Face’ is the final track on the EP, and Zeo storms straight in on this grime banger, with half time flows and a catchy hook. The dirty bassline kicks in followed by eerie, alien-like synths, as Zeo goes on menace with the fast-flowing bars, daring anyone with anything to say at all to say it to his face. This one got me gassed for definite, and is a great way to end the EP.

Zeo has previously worked with some of Grime’s top hit makers including established artists and producers such as JME (BBK), DJ Q (BBC Radio 1Xtra), Trilla, Bassboy and TRC, and has gained national radio support and online coverage from big names such as SBTV, GRM Daily and RWD Magazine. Zeo has just recently smashed a nationwide tour with U.S artist Hopsin, gaining rave reviews in Manchester, Glasgow, London, Bristol, and Birmingham. He is steadily growing a cult fanbase with his unique style and orientally inspired image.

Recording and producing himself, and also the proud owner of a diploma, Zeo is a self-made artist with talent in abundance, who’s ready to kill it towards the end of the year. This EP may very well be one of the best Grime releases I’ve heard all year, in the top 10. Zeo has also expressed that all the money raised from the ‘RAAH’ EP will be donated to his cousin who is currently fighting cancer.

Stream the ‘RAAH’ EP below. Zeo is definitely one to watch on 2018!

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