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Audiio Narxx recently released the third mixtape in his “Challenge” series, “Challenge Volume 3”, which features 13 quality tracks with artist features from Izzie Gibbs, Sorreal and South Bentley. Production includes the likes of Rude Kid, Tantrum, SNY and many more.

The opening track “Bad Luck”, produced by Tantrum sees Audiio drop solid bars, spitting hard lyricism, killing the beat with some great wordplay, perfect flow and delivery. The hook at the end sees him add an effect to his vocals to add a more greezey sound to it. The beat is a dirty, dark instrumental by Tantrum, not a very fast beat which Audiio Narxx flows on nicely, letting the words just role off his tongue.

B2B” features Sorreal, with SNY on the mad production. The idea of the song is simple, following a method of both emcee’s going back to back, going back and forth dropping some hard lyricism, Sorreal jumping on the track with a rough, gritty and grimey style, and Audiio Narxx can be caught switching up his flow a bit, coming rapid at times. Both artists showcase their chemistry on the mic, blending together greatly.

Whagwarn” is remix of one Rude Kid’s instrumentals, and sees Audiio Narxx drop grimey bars over the equally grimey beat, and incorporating a good chorus in to the mix. The track sees him spit comfortably, attacking the beat with a ferocious flow, the subject of the track being about shutting the down, and with the hectic production by Rude Kid and Audiio’s fiery, fast-paced lyricism on this track, if he performed this at a rave, he would definitely shut it down.

Don’t Act Up” is a hard-hitting bit of production by Tantrum once again, another dark, original sounding beat from him, and Audiio Narxx reps fully for his team G13, straight out of Northampton. The track though, follows the same formular as many others, Audiio Narxx spitting the fire, and he also hits you with a solid hook.

Exercise” is Hip Hop beat produced by Cardiak, it’s a hard hitting beat, and sees Narxx get a bit more deep, still spitting clear lyrics that make an impact, and showcases more excellent song writing with a chorus which pretty much sums up the subject matter on this track, talking about change, but keeping moving with the music, and rapping about the struggle that he goes through in general. South Bentley also features on this, and he drops a strong verse, a calm and laid back flow, which highlights the pain in his bars as he follows the concept of the song, spitting about his own experiences.

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Overall, on the “Challenge Volume 3” mixtape, Audiio Narxx shows his hungriness for success which surely on the horizon, and he keeps it close knit with his team which is a rae thing today. Audiio Narxx has plenty of bars, and can cover a wide range of subjects as this mixtape proves. Audiio Narxx has got the delivery down to a tee, he is original, has great flow, and when he spits, he spits flame, and can switch up the flow to spray rapid lyrics, and if he drops a Hip Hop track he has the ability to slow it down and maybe hit you with a double time flow.

The production is varied, with Grime production coming from Rude Kid, SNY, Tantrum, and JG, with some Trap beats by CB, Prez Petrelli and Cardiak. Whether Audiio Narxx is spitting on Grime or Hip Hop, he can adapt his flow to it to make it work, and these beats picked especially play to his strengths with the flow, and some beats even highten his quality delivery.

The subjects that Audiio Narxx covers can stand the test of time, he spits about raving, shutting down the dance on “Whagwarn”, a subject that never gets old, he showcases his great wordplay on a few tracks, covers facts of life like his struggle and life experiences on “Exercise” and “100 Degrees”, but he makes positives out of negatives, opting not to be the sufferer of his past and hard ships, but uses them to better himself, especially channelling his positive energy in to his music.

Narxx writes some solid hooks on most of the tracks, and most of them seem to capture the overall gist of what the song is about or what his message is, whilst he uses his lyricism to go in depth, be a bit more technical lyrically.

Audiio Narxx 3

The concept for the whole project carries on from the first 2 mixtapes in the series, and while there may not be a clear theme to the mixtape, Audiio Narxx is likely building the series up so you get familiar with it and associate it with him, which is smart branding on his part. The cover doesn’t seem to portray what the mixtape theme is either, but is eye catching graphics, with him placed in front of a space themed background, maybe pointing out that he is above the clouds in terms of his ability, that he is up in the stars, that is my interpretation anyhow.

Altogether, this is a solid mixtape by Audiio Narxx, one of the strongest this year, and he is still only young and upcoming, so he has a lot of potential already. I would recommend this to any Grime fan, although it should be noted that Audiio Narxx doesn’t restrict himself to Grime in particular, pushing the boundaries, unleashing some Hip Hop tracks, and some that hover between Grime and Hip Hop, or something you can’t pin a tag on. This is just music!


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• SHOWING POTENTIAL – Audiio Narxx is showing great potential already, and has already proved himself, and with a bit more promotion, I think he can make the jump and be recognised as a strong emcee in the Grime scene. His lyricsm is on par with any great lyricist, and he has an original style.



“Bad Luck” Produced By Tantrum

“B2B” Feat. Sorreal Produced By SNY

Whagwarn” Produced By Rude Kid

“Don’t Act Up” Produced By Tantrum

Exercise” Feat. South Bentley Produced By Cardiak

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