Azealia Banks Takes Multiple L’s

Azealia Banks has been going in on social media over the last few days, be it a strange, hate fuelled publicty stunt or a misjudged self pretencious rant at all and sundry, it is Banks who has emerged holding nuff shots from the L Gun.

Azealia, not astranged to her outlandish comments and social media insults has been spatting with the likes of Lily Allen, 14 year old Disney star Skai Jackson and various other artists for a while. The Donald Trump backer (FFS) took it upon herself to send shots at UK music scene in particular the Grime and Rap genres, in an audacious barage of tweets.

The UK really can’t rap though. UK RAP is just a disgrace to rap culture in general.


UK rappers NEVER have swag. It’s ALWAYS FORCED.


What makes this so strange is that Banks was set to play Born & Bred festival brought to you by Grime pioneering Radio/Record Label Rinse. So as you can imagine she took backlash pretty hard.


Nolay, Logan Sama, P Money, Plastician and @JamesTLS90 went in with the replys:


Obviously Bank’s set at Born & Bred (an event taking place in EAST LONDON) came under scrutiny from artists, headliner Logan Sama and the general public also.

Then finally the announcement we were all hoping for

Its safe to say Azealia had bigger L’s than a factory of Luigi hats. Damage limitation from her management? Anyone? lol.
I think Banks knows not of the striong scene the UK has built up with Grime and our own Rap culture. We don’t need approval from US. We are GB. #TeamUK #UKGrime Hold them L’s Banks, get a hold of yourself while you are at it.


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