BAMALAM VS DIALECT | Don’t Flop Rap Battle

Don’t Flop recently unveiled a rap battle between London’s Bamalam and Leeds’ Dialect, which took place at their first major event of 2015. Marking the first on-beat battle, Bamalam went up first in three round battle consisting of two rap and one grime. Round 1 saw both Bamalam and Dialect riding the beat with ease and with awesome flow and delivery, as both matched each other’s wordplay skills, Bam referring to battles in which he thinks Dialect has flopped, and in his own opinion, stating that he has slipped from battling the likes of Chilla Jones. Dialect showcases of confidence in that he won’t lose, and digs Bamalam’s ‘pubic hair’, picking holes at his attire, and makes references to Family Guy, the Bloods and wrestling. Over a boom bap style Hip Hop instrumental, Bams stated that he thinks Dialect’s bars aren’t deep or complex enough, getting a great reaction from the crowd for making some references to slavery, and gets in the swing of the beat as he breaks down his oppoent with nice wordplay. Dialect fires from the off, saying that Bamalam is only part of the DF staff as he can’t hold down a job, calling him Wally from Where’s Wally?, and delivering funny lines about Bamalam’s ‘square glasses’ getting a wheel up for a bar about Tupac, Westside, two shanks and a flu jab. Round 3 saw a lot of wheel ups, particularly for Bamalam as the pair took on each other over a Trap/Grime instrumental, from the off driving the crowd crazy by replying to claims that Dialect can catch a body, and also refers to the Dialect and Opium clash in LOTM. Bams eve kills it with the skippy flows! Dialect shells down a number of impressive punchlines, and getting a raucous reaction from the crowd for great wordplay in which he referred to Donae’O and taking Bam’s girl out to ‘party hard’, using the same flows as Donae’O. The pair were excellent and really went in with the wordplay, and in my opinion, was a close battle between the pair, but I would give it Dialect in the end, based on the last two rounds. What do you think? Leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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