Dot Rotten @ High Definition – Sat 29th June 2013

Forest Farm, Illford Saturday 29th June 2013

High Definition is back for 2013! This year will build on the phenomenal success of the past two years, which have established High Definition as a destination for acts and fans alike, bringing some of the biggest names in dance music together for a spectacular all-day event in a unique location.


High Definition Festival takes place at Forest Farm, Ilford, Essex on Saturday 29th June 2013. We are expecting to sell out weeks in advance, so make sure you get yours immediately!

First release: £15.00 + booking fee

Second release: £19.50 + booking fee

Third release: £25.00 + booking fee

Fourth release: £29.50 + booking fee

Fifth release: £39.50 + booking fee

Final release: £44.50 + booking fee


Digital Arena

+ Very Special Guest TBA

MS Dynamite

Dot Rotten


Sinead Harnett live PA




Event Information

Search Policy

Security will be conducting searches at the entrance to the festival for any items that may be used in an illegal or antisocial manner. It is a condition of entry that you consent to searches of yourself and your belongings by the police or event security, both at the gates and in the arena. Please do not attempt to bring in any illegal substances in to the festival, as you stand a very real chance of being caught, and anyone found in possession of such items will be removed from the site.

Please do not attempt to bring any of the following in to the festival:

•Offensive weapons, or anything that could be considered to be an offensive weapon.

•Fireworks, flares, laser pens or laser equipment.

•Animals, with the exception of guide dogs.

•Drugs or alcohol.

Valuables and Safety

Exercise common sense when it comes to your valuables- if you don’t need it, don’t bring it! Lockers are available for hire on the day. If you have not hired a locker, keep mobiles, cameras and money on your person at all times.

If you suspect you have had something stolen, please check with the Welfare Tent to see if it has been handed in before reporting it to the police.

Ensure that you are aware of the location of the emergency exits, and that you follow any instructions given to you by security or stewards. If you witness dangerous or antisocial behaviour move away and alert security if they are not already in the immediate vicinity.

Food and Drink

Licensing restrictions mean that you are not permitted to bring any food and drink, including alcohol, on to the festival site. Food will be permitted for guests with specific dietary requirements backed up with a doctor’s note.

Arena Admission Policy

All tented structures have a set capacity that cannot legally be exceeded. If there is a particular artist you want to see, check set times beforehand and head to the arena early to ensure you don’t miss out. Closed-off structures will not be reopened until the act has finished, so if you are unable to access a particular stage, we recommend you check out an alternative performance.

Emergency Services

There is a 12-hour medical centre which will be open throughout the day, as well as additional first aid points around the site, all with fully-qualified medical staff. Additionally, there is a Welfare Tent to help with personal problems, also available all day long. Please familiarise yourself with their location, and don’t hesitate to ask a steward if you are unsure.

In the event of an emergency, do not call 999, as this will unnecessarily tie up resources from the local area. Emergency services will be present on the site, including fire, police and ambulance.

Look after yourself, your friends, and those around you. If you suspect someone is unwell, take them to the medical centre or the nearest first aid point. If someone is unconscious or not moving, please alert the nearest steward or member of security.

If you need to take medication regularly please remember to bring it along, and make your friends aware of any illness or allergies.

Rubbish and Waste

Plenty of bins are provided around the festival, and these are emptied regularly throughout the day. Please do your bit to keep the site tidy and use the bins provided rather than the floor.


There are plenty of toilet facilities dotted around the festival site. We all know festival toilets can be a bit unpleasant, so help us keep them clean for the greater good, and remember to wash your hands after use.

More Info:

Check out Dot Rotten Live @ The A List Event #Fire


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