Eklipse – Dark Matters: The Mixtape Produced By Swiftstar

East London Rapper Eklipse released his most recent mixtape at the end of last month, entitled ‘Dark Matters: The Mixtape’, it features eighteen tracks all produced by Swiftstar. Dark Matters features such tracks as ‘Are You Really Ready?’ with a perfect mix of laid back yet speedy flows from Eklipse taking you on a journey of educational and spiritual meaning. Also on the mixtape is ‘Jaw Dance’ in which he invites you in to a dark world in which he hopes to reign supreme, also taking swipes at those that lie about a certain lifestyle. Both of these tracks, that are thumping, bass-rich beats have accompanying visuals and set the tone for the video, as Eklipse showcases great lyricism packing punchlines and excellent delivery.
Eklipse goes in with menacing delivery on ‘You Should Know’, another hard hitting yet somehow spacious production by Swiftstar, displaying rapid flow as he reflects on his upbringing and origins, expressing his intentions of succeeding and aiming words at those that are not part of his circle. ‘Lazy Eye’, a slow thumping production is a metaphor for Eklipse’s vision and wisdom as he also emphasizes how many hate on his ambition.
Eklipse steps away from his usual Rap sound with a bassline grime production by Swiftstar on ‘IDRRT’ or I Don’t Really Rate That as he he kills it with skippy, energetic flows as he lyrically attacks inferior mc’s. Eklipse quickly switches it up once again on ‘D.F.T.W’ or Down For The Wave’, full of fun vibes as Eklipse flows fantastically over a rhythmic Latin style Hip Hop beat, rhyming about the good times when you just want to kick back with a drink.
The title track from the mixtape sees Eklipse rhyme over intense piano keys, and sauntering trapesque arrangement of beats and snares, using some clever wordplay as he depicts himself as one talent that many don’t want to succeed as he may bring devastation to the competition. Eklipse’s delivery is low and menacing once again yet the flows is meandering. ‘Oh Lord’ deals with Eklipse’s growing stress and his need and feeling to get away and escape, as he talks of life and death. ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ features lyricism from Eklipse as he rhymes about the sensual encounters he has with one lady that links him on the side, with Eklipse also rhyming about the complicated relationship the woman has with her boyfriend who may be half the man Eklipse shows to be.
Eklipse delivers his new mixtape that top-notch production that is suited to his style, and Eklipse shows off his skills on the production from Swiftstar that ranges from dark trapesque instrumentals to lively Grime and Hip Hop. Eklipse also paints a picture with his lyricism of his upbringing and a life dealt many hard times as well as expressing his love of music and his ambition to succeed. Stream all of the tracks off of this mixtape below and leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section . . .

Dark Matters, entirely produced by Swiftstar, is Eklipse’s first ever mixtape. Dark Matters includes the singles Are You Really Ready ( and Jaw Dance ( Crossing the genres of Grime, Hip Hop and R&B, Eklipse and Swiftstar present Dark Matters for FREE DOWNLOAD:

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