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Big Cakes Its All Luv Cover

UK Hip Hop artist Big Cakes recently released a brand new album entitled “It’s All Luv”. The release features 12 tracks featuring the likes of Logic, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Big Frizzle, Tantrum, Amy True and Xeena Rose, with production by Geo. Big Cakes has a distinctive voice when it comes to laying down rhymes and has a unique delivery that pays homage to true Hip Hop. Some tracks on this mixtape that are personal favourites of mine are “Use My Brain (Hang On)” featuring Amy True which is a truly great piece of Hip Hop music, seeing Big Cakes spit factual with a comfortable flow, talking about politics and such. Amy True provides a small hook near the end, showing off her remarkable signing talent.

T.O.P” featuring Xeena Rose is a hard-hitting piece of music, with Big Cakes dropping solid bars, with a few punchlines along the way, rhyming comfortably once again, the lyricism coming naturally to him. Xeena Rose also drops a verse, her flow is captivating, and she brings a completely different vibe to this with her American British style, and her delivery is just perfected. This one will make you wanna get up and groove to it.

Big Cakes keeps it real on “The Realness” as the title might suggest, this one features Raggo Zulu Rebel. Big Cakes keeps it real, and this song lets everyone that doesn’t know it know. He showcases straight thought out lyricism as always, this keeping it real without no gun talk or any of that bulls**t. Big Cakes also provides a hook easy for you to digest, and to go along with. Raggo Zulu Rebel drops a solid verse keeping on the same subject, but yet again he gives this track his own style, bringing something else to it.

African” is an emotional but inspirational and motivational track, seeing all emcee’s throwing it up and representing their roots. Featuring Big Frizzle and Tantrum, they all drop intellectual lyrics, knowing their facts, showing they are well educated on subjects that matter. To be able to put all their thoughts in to the one song is harder than some might like to think, the chorus might make you wanna stand up, but then the lyrics will make you sit back and think.

Black Jesus” sses Big Cakes lending from Game’s song of the same name but on an original beat, possibly paying homage to the song, which also a lil’ favourite of mine. Big Cakes pretty much follows the way of the rest of the mixtape, but spitting about more black history and politics. Big Cakes actually makes songs with a purpose, and he knows what he is talking about.

There are plenty more songs to listen to on here, and even though these are my favourites the other tracks are just as good. “It’s All Luv” is a professional sounding album with all original material including the production by Geo, and Big Cakes should be proud to have his name stamped on music of this quality, because I know I would be.

Don’t miss out and purchase “It’s All Luv” now for £6.99, and don’t forget to let us know what you think . . .


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