Grim Sickers – 100 Bags Mixtape

The last year has seen Grime artist Grim Sickers rose to prominence in the scene, with appearances at Lord of the Mics, Eskimo Dance and many more legendary Grime establishments with 2015 starting off with a storm. The new KeepinItGrimy platform has teamed up with Grim Sickers for an exclusive new mixtape from him called ‘100 Bags’. The mixtape features 17 bangers with top production credits to the likes of Sir Spyro, Rynsaman, Darx Elements and more with features from some elite mc’s, No Lay, Nasty Jack, Discarda, D Power and Eyez to name a few. Tracks include ‘Black Bin Bag Him’, a banger over Spyro’s ‘Bruce Wayne, featuring the likes of No Lay, D2, Izzie Gibbs, Row D, Jammz and Ten Dixon, a heavyweight war dub with everyone going ham with reload bars. Also the aptly named ‘Jack Sickers’, a link up with Nasty Jack, sampling Beyonce on a track possessing mukky production and gully bars, then you have the ‘Jenga’, with Grim Sickers and No Lay conveying the hard struggle to getting somewhere in the scene, likening it to being out in the cold. Soul searching and repenting takes place on a deep, heart-felt track called ‘Infinity Forever’ featuring Don Menna, as they express a desire to just do music and leave the road life alone, ‘Sugar Ray’ featuring Clipson and Vader sees the three coming out swinging with flows hitting like punches, attacking the sweet boys in the scene. Grim Sickers expresses his emotions as he delves in to a relationship turned sour so quickly on a Grime/Rap production by John Brown The Rebel, teaming up with Benji Clements on ‘Only Way Out’, as Benji delivers soulful singing vocals on the hook, as Grim Sickers searches for a way out of his circumstances, speaking to the once special person who helps him through the thick of things. Grim Sickers goes beyond just Grime or Rap, blending the two and crossing between both genres, plus his subject matter and song writing skills are on display here and in abundance, there are many more Grime bangers on which Grim Sickers showcases straight barring prowess, and tracks made with consideration thought-provoking lyricism that deal with reality. Stream and download the mixtape exclusively via KeepinItGrimy now and leave us your feedback in the comments section . . .

Grim Sickers 100 Bags

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