HARVEY FT FRISCO [ ALONE ] PlatinumX VIDEO BY @RAPCITYTV @harveyofficial @bigfris

mc harvey 2

So Solid’s MC Harvey teams up with Frisco for an dark epic Trap style banger. Harvey brings his old skool garage flow and skillfully exerts the skippy flow over the bass heavy Trap beat. Alone is a moody, brooding lyrical foray into the mind of an artist who seems tired of the limelight and just wants to be left alone. Harvey sounds off about fakes in the game and locking off his phone to those that get under his skin. Frisco goes Ham in a fleeting cameo/feature, dropping his bouncy flow over the beat, getting darker than usual and unveiling his moodier alter ego. All in all a great track, a nice step away from the sunshine, bubblegum, booty shaking pop rap currently bombarding the charts. This is like the Rock equivalent of Metal, where the artist can get dark without being labelled a criminal or thug. The sound reminds me of the music put out by the likes of Strange Music or Odd Future. Big tune! Check out the murky greatness and leave us your feedback…


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