HERBAL T (LYRICAL ARTFORMS) before perceptions

UK Rapper and Redonda artist Herbal T recently landed with his latest mixtape entitled (LYRICAL ARTFORMS) before perception. The mixtape features raw production, similar to the likes of Wu-Tang, whom it seems he may have been influenced by at some point, as he takes to raw, gritty, grimy beats that fit in to the martial arts style, and just like the Wu-Tang Clan, his lyrical style seems to employ elements of Neijia, or the internal arts spiritual, mental awareness of his disadvantaged, harsh surroundings. ‘Black UFO’ tackles the struggles Herbal T faces as a black man, as well as noting many racial encounters, whilst also rhyming about bringing peace, yet war to his enemies. ‘Kundahlini Rising’ sets up the thought that the real life is now a dream world, due to our minds set on the past and future, as well as being in a sort of dream state, with Herbal T breaks that cycle as he mentions meditation and blocking out frustration. Herbal T addresses the trap that we are stuck in living in our city, concluding we are controlled by what we consume and trapped in a certain lifestyle, striving to be excepted. Herbal T delivers another track called ‘Outer Perception’, in which he branches out in to ideas which are bigger than the city, as he addresses such subjects as enslavement, leaders such as Haile Selassie and more, as he states, thinking out the box.
The mixtape starts to explore Herbal T’s passion for music, with tracks like ‘Artform Intricate’, Herbal T spits on gritty, hard hitting Hip Hop beat, displaying precision flow and delivering sharp lyricism, as he mentions how he is forever studying and perfecting his craft. ‘Studio Sanctum’ reveals the studio as being Herbal T’s escape from reality and evil of the world. ‘Industry Vampire Hunter’ sees Herbal T evaluate the state of the industry that is being watered down, lacking integrity.
Herbal T incorporates talk of battles and wars in his music, such as on ‘Strength & Honor’, on which he implies that strength and honor is key to overcoming evil and infiltration. Herbal T likens himself to the planets with a body structure made of granite, as he rhymes about standing strong in war, on ‘Ether Warrior’, as he also mentions war and assassination of enemies. Herbal T revisits his roots on ‘Water Aura’ as he speaks of the search for peaceful and better times amidst war time.
Herbal T tackles a range of subjects on this latest mixtape, bringing with him his own universe that is a cross between Shaolin and Roman styles, and Herbal T’s lyricism makes use of many metaphors that aren’t entirely literal, meaning you need to dig deep to find a meaning. Herbal T’s rhyme style is somewhat raw which goes hand in hand with the production, made up of martial arts style music, piercing samples and grainy melodies, as he flows on beats with impacting, hard hitting delivery. Herbal T also restricts himself to a particular theme, which a times seems same old, but it is concurrent through out, and displays his creativeness as a song writer, also stamping his style and uniqueness, especially in the UK Rap market. Stream and download this mixtape below and leave us your feedback in the comments section . . .

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