Jae Mann – When It Counts

Jae Mann

London Grime and Hip Hop MC Jae Mann recently took to soundcloud to release his own lost tapes in form of a free download called ‘When It Counts’. Jae Mann gives away 12 strong tracks, with production from K-Nite and Teeza, as he delivers tracks ranging from Grime to Hip Hop and a mix of the two in form of 140bpm Trap vibes. Jae Mann showcases gully, hard-edged lyrical content when on track such as ‘Assault’, when he rains down a slew of pars for rivals and inferior lyricists, going on deadly, spraying rapidly. Jae Mann still comes across as rough with his delivery on ‘Jaematic’, a calmer, more soulful Hip Hop beat, rhyming about the stress in his life, conveying his perceptions of life in London for youth, choosing to channel his rage and stress through music. Jae Mann once again draws for the deadly lyrical content, spitting ferociously on ‘Slaughter’ and ‘Whos The Daddy’ back to back, the latter featuring Jae attacking fake gangstas. ‘Perspective’ is another Trap production on which Jae Mann puts his life in perspective, as he rhymes about his music career and his motives, down to his life including where he is living, and how things are going not only with him but with the community that surrounds him. As evident in previous tracks, Jae Mann spits about his life, from the view of someone trying to get up out of the slums, whilst he takes it upon himself to also expose fakeness and inferior competition who bug him. As the mixtape closes, Jae Mann delivers a couple of calm Hip Hop tracks, in the form of ‘Story To Tell’, in which he paints a gritty story of shady characters doing each other, surrounded by greed, money, sex and drugs. The next track is called ‘You Dont Know Me’, a slow jam Hip Hop production backed by a piano led melody by K-Nite. Jae Mann rhymes his own life which seems like a journey on which he just strolls along, full of stressful times, surviving in the dangerous ends, having a choice of struggling to make it up out of the slum and achieve your dreams and ambitions, or end up on the roads. Jae Mann showcases on both tracks cohesive story telling skills, as well as song craft and writing skills. Other notable tracks to listen to are Jae Mann’s remix of Bobby Schmurda’s Hot N***a’, entitled ‘Schmurlock’, and ‘Food Move’ produced by Swifta Beater, on which Jae Mann shells down a Grime instrumental with hype bars. Stream the mixtape and e get your free download now below and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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