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Nottingham Hip Hop MC JR releases his latest mixtape “Musics A Treat” via Datpiff, which features 12 tracks, with production, mostly Hip Hop and Trap, from the likes of fellow MC Hectic, Riddla, Lyrikz Beatz, Tantrum and Dot Rotten, with artists features from Hectic, Lyrikz, Benny Blanko and many more. The mixtape chronicles JR’s story so far in the music biz, as JR speaks on different issues in his life, from the struggle in the process to pursuing his music dreams in such tracks as “See Me Struggle”, “New Day Same Old Me” which is a banging Trap production by Lyrikz featuring Benny Blanko, dripping bass, JR rhymes about boring days each day, resisting the life of crime, struggling with what little he has, chasing his dreams, staying the same each new day. Benny is excellent on the track, refusing to work 9 to 5, going for what he wants in life.

“Friends Come And Go” is JR dealing with those who come and go in his life, losing trust in them as they grow distant with him, not letting it get him down, deciding to not get to close again and watching carefully who he associates with. “2 Face Bredda” is another about two-faced people, once again knocking back JR in trust issues, ultimately realising it is just “Me, Myself and I”.

Hectic and Lyrikz are featured on “Get It In” produced by Dot Rotten, as the lyrics depict all three rappers go-getter attitude, prepared to grind for the success in the music scene, writing all day, going to studio a lot, not caring for views as long as the feedback is positive. JR especially has been making music for years, so for him to still be here proves his graft and will. These MC’s having contrasting styles, Lyrikz is slow hard hitting flows, where as JR and Hectic mix up with fast-paced flow.


JR tends to be a cool guy, from what I hear on “Keep On Speaking”, he loves the music scene, giving props where its due, hating no one in the biz, not going on big-headed like some, taking lyrical swipes at those who’s bars aren’t appealing to him, and tearing shreds in to those who think they are better in terms of appearance and skill. JR spits fire flows over WildBoyAce’s Trap beat, carrying on the onslaught on “I’m Sick Of This”, addressing the haters, and those who live for Youtube views, and those who do anything to get a deal, from selling out and polluting the scene with fake lyrical content, fed up with new comers getting more exposure, in the process he spits rapid bars effortlessly on the hype joint production from Riddla and SirDubz.

“Musics A Treat” is an excellent mixtape from JR, great with the lyrical content, true to his own expereinces and relatable for many others, just chronicling his rise in the music scene, throwing in his own life stories and troubles along the way. JR’s flow is incredible, when he is on a roll is when his fast-paced, energetic flow comes out, especially on banging Trap instrumentals, and when he feels strongly about something he puts conviction in to his delivery, even if it is anger of sadness. Grab yourself a free download of JR’s mixtape below and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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