Matty P – Interview

Introduce yourself. Who are you and describe your sound in three words?

I’m Matty P, my sound would be Shock Rap due to the stuff I rap about haha

Describe your style, and how are you unique to other artists?

My style is energetic, I try to put the feeling of the song in my voice like angry, sad or taking the piss, and as for unique I write about my life and nobody else has lived my life.

When did music become a part of your life?

When I was 3 my favorite song was Run DMC Tricky, I always loved how in rap theres more rhythm to the words.

How long have you been making music, and did you have any encouragement?

I started at 17, then jacked it in because there was no decent outlets for music, then started again at 20 doing bits and bobs, early this year I dropped a mini ep “introducing Matty P”, now I’m working on my 2nd EP.

Who are your main influences?

In music it would be 2pac, biggie, Eminem because they portray there lifes, in actual life 1 would be my Grandad would passed away in April he was like a dad to me, and 2nd would be my son Hudson he just makes me wanna do the impossible, he’s my life!

Away from music, who are you as a person, and what are your interests/hobbies?

Ermmm, I don’t do much outside music, have my son, play xbox, eat and sleep… That’s it hahaa

Does this reflect on the music that you produce/play, or do you use music as an escape from real life?

Well Hudson motivates me to write but I wouldn’t say so no, if anything I write about my past, things that hurt me, or my future how ill overcome anything and everything because I’m an underdog.

What are the highlights of your music career so far?

Probably reaching number 7 in reverbnation UK charts, staying number 1 in local reverbnation charts for nearly a year, speaking to mister shortie but that was way back at the beginning hahaa

Have you performed in front of a crowd yet, if so how big a crowd?

No not yet, but hopefully soon!

What are your plans for the near future in terms of new music, collaborations and tours/events?

“Annoyed Android” is out on the 12th on my sound cloud for free, got a track dropping in a couple week with another Mansfield rapper Billz that’s “Don’t Give A Shit” then finishing my EP up, releasing that then fingers crossed gigs, hopefully waterfront festival next year!

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?

5 a drug addict, 10 years a recovering drug addict hahahahaa Noooo I’m joking, hopefully successful and happy!

Where can people find you on the web?

Facebook: Matt Parker/Matty P

Twitter: @MattyP_03

Instagram: MattyP_03


Check out Matty P’s latest track ‘Annoyed Android’ below:



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