Mic Righteous – Mic Wasnt Thinkin

Mic wasnt thinking cover

Mic Righteous drops “Mic Wasn’t Thinkin”, which is a massive thank you to anyone who purchased Open Mic or has been supporting Mic throughout his career. Check out the track by track video below courteously of SBTV. If you like what you hear then click the iTunes link and cop “Open Mic”.



    1. Charlie Sloth Skit Pt.1
    2. You Live On
    3. Jamal SBTV Skit
    4. Cold Zone
    5. Belly
    6. Vicious Game
    7. Skibba D Skit
    8. Punish Me
    9. Military
    10. Semtex Skit
    11. Push the Button
    12. G Frsh Skit
    13. My Man
    14. Nasty
    15. English Frank Skit
    16. In a Gang
    17. Poets Corner Skit
    18. Lady Leshurr Skit
    19. Prevention
    20. Charlie Sloth Skit Pt.2
    21. I Just Shouldnt
    22. Real Shit
    23. Wasn t Thinkin
    24. Charlie Sloth Ending



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