Mixtape Madness – No.1 For UK Mixtapes

Mixtape Madness is the UK’s number one site for urban mixtapes.
Mixtape Madness was founded in 2009 and bore out of a generation that experienced one of the most innovative sounds in modern UK music history. Having watched the scene grow from its humble beginnings on radio sets, to artists becoming chart toppers, Mixtape Madness felt that it was essential that the transition from underground to mainstream was both sustainable for artists and fans on both ends of the scale. Mixtape Madness is that tool which gives underground artists the promotional clout of signed artists, while offering the latter the opportunity to still connect to the Grime and Hiphop purists with an ear for real underground lyricism.

To provide the UK urban scene a platform to showcase their mixtapes

Company Overview

Mixtape Madness is the central hub for accessing a full archive of UK urban mixtapes. The website enables users to listen and download mixtapes for free, while offering artists feedback and reports on how consumers are interacting with their music.

The constant innovation in P2P technology over the last decade has decreased sales of physical album and mixtape units, while shifting the consumption towards digital channels.

OMAs Mixtape Madness

Artists and record labels have found it difficult to stay profitable in this new landscape, with the least proactive failing to take advantage of the customer relationship management opportunities.

By uploading mixtapes through the traditional file share websites such as Rapidshare, Filefront and Sendspace artists have no means of capturing consumer’s contact details for future communication and therefore unable to turn these consumers into customers.


By using mixtape madness, artists are able to track how users interact with their mixtapes and build an archive for new listeners to listen and
download their whole mixtape catalogue.

Mixtape Madness will be able to capture consumer data allowing for segmentation in groups based on favourite artists, which then enables the artist to market their products to their fanbase.

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