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17 year old singer/songwriter Mollie Scott, from Havant and the soulful voice of Portsmouth-based Hip Hop collective The Bar Staff, recently released her debut EP entitled ‘Since1997’, featuring all lyrics and melodies from herself, whilst fellow TBS artist Parv handles the production, mixing and mastering of the project. The EP, which is titled aptly to note Mollie’s year of birth, delivers seven superbly crafted R&B joints from Mollie which incorporate elements of Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop and Soul, as well as Mollie’s all important fabulous, softly delivered, soothing singing vocals. The opening track, ‘Killing You Softly’ features Mollie sings about the loss of love and realising your man doesn’t share your feelings, going in search of a safe haven. Mollie’s vocalizing is fluctuating, which could well the highs and lows, especially the lowly emotions and pain that she conveys in her lyrics.

Parv starts to incorporate instruments such as guitars in to his production with ‘Alive’ a crisp beat with much pronounced percussion, with Mollie facing her fears and emotions head on, trying to step out on her own to find independence, and as she states, to feel alive. ‘Mumma Said’ is a rhythmic Country R&B ballad in which Mollie notes all of the teachings of her mother in life, with her mum helping her find happiness and love, as well as freedom and independence, praising her mother for all that she does. This is a deep tribute to her own mother, a great concept, and all round performance, and with the diverse production from Parv, I could imagine Mollie performing this live with a band which would captivating.

Mollie reveals her belief in love having it’s course, being mothers nature taking its course, in the track ‘Mother Nature’, in which Mollie reaches the great heights with amazing, high pitch and well controlled vocalizing, as she weaves a story, on a hard beat with tingling piano keys, about finding it hard to resist love. Yet on ‘Love Letter’, the mature-minded singer reminds us of the heartbreak once again that can occur in relationships, as she open up her heart in a love letter to her boyfriend, conveying the sadness and hurt that she has felt from their break up. ‘Jealous’ is yet another track about heartbreak in love, which Mollie sings on atmospheric Hip Hop style beat, possessing a lowly vibe which plays in to the feeling and message of the track. This particular beat is produced by I Am KbeatZ.

Mollie Scott closes her debut EP with a track called ‘Thankyou’, in which she sings on an enchanting, harpy instrumental, expressing her gratitude for the sensual pleasures, the passion, connection, the love that she and her man share together, as she also admires his virtues, thanking him for showing her how to love. Overall, Mollie Scott fits the production perfectly, and this is a great introduction to an upcoming UK R&B/Soul talent, whom is a hidden gem in my opinion, and should really be reaching for the charts. Parv was surprising and yet impressive with his versatile production which very much had the sounds of R&B, Soul, even Country Rhythm and Blues, but not straying too far away from his Hip Hop roots. A very diverse producer he is! Check out Mollie Scott’s debut below and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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