Motzzi – Makaveli Trained EP

Motzzi - Makaveli Trained EP Front Cover

Haterproof Ent’s Motzzi, UK Hip Hop lyricist, brings you the “Makaveli Trained” EP. In the seven tracks featured on the EP, Motzzi takes you on a journey of sorrow, his own personal struggle in life, growing up with nothing and no-one to care on “All We Know Is Struggle”. He educates the listener on how to make it when you have nothing with no options, and how to make something out of nothing to get up out of a slump. As well as this track, “Time in the Pen”, an acousitc-style Hip Hop beat sees Motzzi rhyme about his time in the pen, taking you on a journey in his story from his various illegal exploits up to when he is jailed, spitting about his experiences inside, and the chorus deals with his fight to stay free and change his life around. A couple of deep-thinkers to start off the EP and Motzzi is only getting started. He already showcases that he posseses lyrical content, incorporating his own life experiences and thoughts to bring a coherent message across. Motzzi also flows with conviction, and connects with the emotion of the song in question so you feel his pain.

“Keep It Movin” is Motzzi rhyming about the urge to keep on, grinding away, speaking about having so little time, making every second count before you die. Motzzi effortlessly raps on this hard-hitting yet emotional beat. “Cruisin” is lighter in mood as Motzzi raps about nights out on the town, getting high, spending his cash, drinking champagne and just cruising along bumping music out of his sound system.

Motzzi shows his love of for women on “Bad Girl” and “Shake Somethin”. “Bad Girl” is the deeper of the two, featuring singer Damas on the hook, bringing a more soulful vibe to the love song, whilst Motzzi rhymes about a bad girl, a ride or die chick, living in the fast lane. “Shake Somethin” is the most energetic song on the EP, the beat and the chorus. In the song lyrics, Motzzi has a girl erotically dancing for him, and as I can imagine, twerking, making it roll like a 24, and as the hook states, shaking something to cause an earthquake. The hook is fun and perfect for a banger of track such as this.

The last track features an international collabo, UK to US, North Carolina’s GhettyMusik and New York’s Fettacini Mink. All three emcee’s come through to show how the specialists do, handling their own business like a pro, hustling under the street lights. The track speaks of loyalty, trust and honour, life in the hood surrounded by snakes in the grass, the good life as well as the bad and ugly, the hectic life of going between studio and vets that have been and around. Great lyricism all round, big link up and brilliant production.

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