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West London Hip Hop artist MSL releases his highly anticipated mixtape entitled “Extraction”, and features a solid 19 tracks, with features from Dpart, Porcz, J Freck, Ms mi and Lesta, with production from MSL himself as well as the likes of Nu Breed, Chaser Beats and Piff Muzick. The “Extraction” mixtape has Hip Hop as well as some hard Trap riddims, as MSL goes from track to track, rhyming about his journey on the road to music stardom, which is not without doubters, haters, obstacles and life lessons, and too much dead weight in the form of fake friends and such. MSL is a perfect example of the positivity that could carry the UK Hip Hop scene to be more successful and established rather than negative road hype, and even though on “Patiently Waiting” for example, MSL states that he went through a bad man phase, but there are so many positive tracks like “Feel Of It”, “Realness” and “My Life”, he takes the pain he experiences and uses it for better, keeping faith in his ability.

Trap bangers such as “Mess With The Devil” and “Hungry For This” featuring J Freck showcase a more hungry and ferocious lyrical stance from MSL, as on both tracks he spit hard, in the second track, even jumping on with rapid flow. North West London MC’s Dpart and Porcz join MSL on “Simply The Best” produced by Hollow Beats, another Trap instrumental, Dpart dropping fast-paced, chopper bars, three of the best upcoming artists all rhyming about life where they grow up, having to strive for success and hustling and grinding hard with the music, shaking off the stress, and staying on a solo mission to become a force to be reckoned with lyrically and ability-wise.

Two final tracks you should take notice of are the intro, opening the mixtape with MSL ripping Mobb Deep’s Survival of the Fittest, spitting fire, once again rhyming about making changes, not letting in bad vibes to his life, improving his mind as well as skills to become a wise lyricist as well as a cool-headed individual, and keeping the hunger which drives him towards success, to make money which will help him look after his family. He does Havoc and Prodigy proud here, check it out. The final track is MSL’s JDZmedia StoryTeller, which showcases MSL’s talent for story telling, telling a tale of musician, preferably himself, that has gone through pain times, going through phases in which he gets in to trouble, dropping wise words which many could take advice from. Stuck on a 9-5, striving for a wage, living in poverty, MSL keeps a positive mind frame, being grateful for what he has, and making it work for him, his hardships pushing him and fueling his hunger to succeed in life. Like so many songs on this mixtape, MSL has vigorous flow and delivery, getting behind his messages, and believing in himself to spit with conviction.

MSL’s second mixtape outing impresses me once again, MSL is superb lyricist who has the right frame of mind, and focusing on reality rather than fiction, his lyrics depicting the real life issues, and the passion for music, success and a better life. He also has his style on lock, and his character, and with the skills all round as a producer and rapper, MSL definitely is a problem for the rap game. Download and stream the “Extraction” mixtape below now and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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