NewCamp – NewCampCity 2

NewCamp City 2

Nottingham Grime collective NewCamp, consisting of Wariko, Jdot, Kamar and Splinta as well as various other emcee’s associated with the camp recently released their brand new mixtape, “NewCampCity 2”, with production from the likes of Beat Geeks and RynsaMan. The lyrical skills on display on this mixtape are incredible, for example, the opening track “NewCamp Cypher” which features Splinta, Jdot, Kamar and Wariko, with excellent flows, subject matter ranging from talk of getting high, getting aggy and spinning next emcee’s, and throwing up the metaphorical finger, as well as drawing out emcee’s who don’t back their talk, and even expressing the love for music, and in Wariko’s case, gash.

“Rynsaman B2B” is an infectious Grime production from RynsaMan with every emcee dropping superb flows from skippy to scorching, all going back to back, just the delivery and construction of the track creating hype, as well as the emcee’s dropping punchlines and all, rising the heat, slewing other artists. Loving the relay bars on this track. Some other tracks include “Handcuffs”, a Beat Geeks production and a jibe at those feds who try to put man behind bars. “No Tools/Just Got a Draw” is a Trap-style bassy Grime instrumental, featuring Splinta and Wariko, and deals with the matter of a weed habit, even smoking on your lonely, the spliff becoming your main company, at all times of the night trying to get the next draw, coming up in sweats, getting the itches for a pull.

Another interesting track is “Slippin’” with Wariko, Jdot and Splinta on vocals on the dark, hard, thumping, sinister gully beat, giving me the night times vibe in my opinion. Taking on the government in this track, all three emcee’s are backed in to a life where they have to do what ever necessary to get pay, on their grind daily, rising above the system to break out the chains and shackles, refusing to become a victim of the system, and warning other likewise peeps to beware of slipping. Splinta goes as far as to spit about the inevitable, getting captured and taking out the cop, resisting arrest. The guys drop bars scattered with wisdom, advice and experience through their own eyes presumably.

“Painted Pictures” features Kamar, Jdot, Spark and Dflows, and is one that any one staying real, trying to chase their dreams can relate to, as these emcee’s spit about those of us who down on our luck, chasing freedom through our goals and dreams, not being listened to, guys either getting killed or going to jail, advising us to be ourselves, as well as not to try to emulate the musician you listen to. One of the consistent subjects in the track is the problem with artists glorifying violence. Take heed, paint your own picture and be one’s self and be real.

One of my personal favourites, a pure banger is “Strapped”, a solo effort from Kyeza, on an ultra-bass, on a skeng man hype with the bars, spraying lyrical bullets, aiming at cats with a vicious bark, deading those emcee’s in question. Purely wanting to focus on music, and stay calm, this is what happens if anyone steps to the best with the pen. Jheeeeeze, what fire!

There are many more tracks to digest on NewCampCity 2, as well as those captivating tracks here, this is a mixtape with varied subject matter in the lyricism, and all emcee’s involved bring something to different to the project, but all have got their flow, delivery and bar-writing on lock for definite. Grab a free download from NewCamp’s website blow and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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