#NextInGrime – The Battle 2015

DJ Cameo recently presented The Battle 2015 in which three Grime MC’s on the come up battled it out to be crowned #NextInGrime. Featuring Mez, Karnage and Marshy, the battle consisted of five rounds, judged by HyperFrank, Big Narstie and DJ Target. The first round saw the three combine on the legendary Pow instrumental, working to spit on the beat, with Mez as well as Karnage going on to spray one line lyrics, where as Marshy was the more lyrical. The second round featured the thre being given key words by the judges, with Mez fantastically using ‘bass’, laying down yet more one line bars, stronger than his fellow mc’s, Karnage with ‘Reload’ and Marshy with ‘Hype’. Mez displayed great spontaneousness by taking the other two’s words and parring it. Round 3, the send round is when the mc’s go at each other in a clash, with Karnage and Marshy both being the stronger of the two, Mez seeming to be ferocious and angry yet Karnage and Marshy were more careful, paying attention to pronouncing their bars, getting at his style stolen from D Double E and his appearance amongst other things. Mez did however redeem himself on the second beat, using D Double E flows to break Karnage down, labelling him a bandit and dissing his woman. Marshy for me was the best one, yet Mez gained his composure half way through the battle to hit back. In round 4, with no stumbles or repetition allowed, the mc’s sprayed their own bars, with Karnage coming back strong from having latency issues, switching up the flows effortlessly, delivering reload worthy bars in my opinion, the beat suiting him perfectly, his delivery precise. Mez was on a raggo tip, yet wasn’t very varying in my opinion, yet he is brilliant with one line lows still, and Marshy handled his own, standing strong lyrically along with Karnage. Mez was finally eliminated from the 8 bar relay for going over his allocated 8 bars, leaving Karnage and Marshy. Marshy and Mez made it through to the last round, delivering 64 bars each, pleading their case about why they should be labelled #NextInGrime. Marshy up first, dropping a few punchlines here and there, stating the stage as a factor in wanting to be the next big thing, and possessing superior bars and flows. Mez took heed from Big Narstie by composing himself more, yet still shelling it, playing the longevity card amongst other things. Props to Karnage and Marshy, but Mez was the final winner, and I agree he was the more grimey of the three, and most consistent in all rounds, so the decision was fair in the end. Check out the full battle and leave us your thoughts and opinions in the section below . . .

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