Nick Black – SMBS (Select Music by Steering)

East London Rapper/Producer and FlickaDotCircus member Nick Black has released his new album ‘SMBS (Select Music By Steering)’. Nick Black delivers some of his most darkest, and twisted music to date, as he states ‘I used to be a more hardcore rapper but now one of the first things I consider is the atmosphere of the song. I want the listener to be immersed in my world. I really enjoy dark, dark shit. . . making the beats sound evil’. Nick achieves that with tracks like ‘Isaac Boyz’ which samples both Isaac Hayes’ ‘Hung Up On My Baby’ which was sampled on the Geto Boys track ‘Mind Playing Tricks On Me’.Nick Black rhymes over the dingy, bass-laden instrumental as he takes you on a journey of the streets as he lurks around serving his customers. ‘Luxor’ featuring Stinkin Slumrock is another bassy but atmospheric production from Nick, as the two rappers deliver psychedelic rhymes about being intoxicated on drugs as they build a picture of smoky encounters. Tracks like ‘808’ and ‘Four Horsemen’ are more rapid, up tempo, with the former being a mix of lethargic synths and rapid snares and hi hats, as Nick fiercely rhymes about smoking weed once again, with the notion of torture. The latter is a rhythmic production, stripped of vocals and one that would have the listener in a zoned out daze. ‘Pay Me’ features eerie production with piercing synths and a haunting bassline, as Nick sprays creepy vocals over, spitting about having bigger dreams than 9 to 5 jobs, having worked hard for the last few years to perfect his music tot he point that he demands to be paid in the hook. Nick Black instils rapid flows in to the chorus which mixes up the flow a bit. Nick reminds me of CASisDEAD on ‘Start’, as he rhymes over a booming Trap production, delivering horrorcore style lyrics as he spits about his recreational drug use, and also addressing the fire that he possesses in his music. Another instrumental that took my interest was ‘Get Away’, which is yet another eerie, ambient production that would not be out of place in a sci-fi alien film of some kind, reminiscent of the likes of the Alien franchise, what with the trembling synths and piercing instrumentation, and with a murky bassline and tingling keys.
Overall, in my opinion, Nick Black has served up a great experimental project, with much atmospheric production which you can never quite put your finger on the genre although it s mostly sticking to Rap, with the lyricism from Nick also mostly based around the subject of drug abuse, he does so with rather dark descriptive bars, and never straight to the point and he delivers his own introspective thoughts and perspective on a world we live in. Grab your copy of SMBS below and leave us your feedback in the comments section below . . .

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