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Manga has once again released a free mixtape, and his latest release is “ThreeHundred&Sixty”, seeing him step out on his own, shining away from the Roll Deep crew. Manga is a versatile artist, which is an instant hit in terms of being able to make anything from Grime to Dubstep to Hip Hop. As you will see from the features, production and hopefully from this review, this is an album-worthy mixtape.

Proving he is versatile, Manga gets things started on the title track, which is produced by Eric G. This track has a deep vibe, which sees Manga giving you some insight in to his life up to now. He declares that he has “done the full three sixty”, he has the same circle of friends, which explains the title and concept for the album.

Going in to the next track “Too Cool To Care” produced by Thomas Mellor, Manga steps back on to Grime showcasing his lyricism, and his flow is skippy and interesting, and ego and character is in his voice, and he’s definitely got bragging rights, being one of the best lyricists in his crew.

His wordplay is at its best, and on tracks like “London City”, his wordplay is probably at its strongest. As you will find, Manga is smart lyrically, but he won’t scatter his lyrics with metaphors and similes for the sake of it.

Manga is one of the original barrers, and one track that shows that is “Pirate Radio Hearts” featuring Ghetts. But the fact that most of the songs have a song structure makes it not just another mixtape with bars thrown on it, but Manga has taken time out to write, and that makes this album worthy material.

The producers chosen are hungry, either that or the big guns that are at the top of their game. Eric G brings the Hip Hop element to a couple of the tracks “ThreeHundred&Sixty” and “Queens”. Thomas Mellor, who is really on top of his game produced the second track in “Too Cool To Care”. There is also a remix of a well know Skrillex song with “Boss Boys”.

A couple of my personal favourites are Kof (“London City”), Kaze (“Pirate Radio Hearts”), and Someguy (“Right Way”). Obviously there are a lot more tracks to chose from, and are as good as those, and you may have your own favourites.

The features on the mixtape all bring their A-Game, such as Ghetts on “Pirate Radio Hearts”, “Soundboy” featuring Maxsta and Tre Mission, Young Kye (“Boss Boys”), “Thunderstorm” featuring Macca and Roachie, and “Right Way” featuring Flowdan and Wiley.

Other artists collaborating with Mnaga on the mixtape are Dot Rotten, Shizz, Calibar and A Star.

The concept for the mixtape, as already stated, is the idea of Manga coming full circle, not just with his friends, namely Roll Deep, which he has been a part of since the beginning but my thought is that musically, he has come full circle, he is a better all-round artist, and is in a great position, being a part of one of the top mainstream Urban groups.

Artwork by @CreativeMindz1 is catching to the eye, and features Manga looking out of a window on the city, and has a cartoon effect added to make it more interesting. The cover features all of Manga’s social networking information, and includes the Roll Deep logo, which lets new fans know that he is part of the group, and that he is still repping and a part of the collective.


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Manga is already a part of Roll Deep, and is seeing mainstream success, but unlike some artists that cross over and lose their creativity or hunger, Manga is able to still put out strong mixtapes, saving his best material for the die-hard fans.

Manga is a versatile artist, and can swing with any artist Hip Hop or Grime, and with his talent, and endless abilty to lyrically stun us with new material, and while it would be great to see a debut album by him, Manga keeps satisfying his fans with mixtapes like this.


ThreeHundred&Sixty – A Hip Hop influenced number, Manga gets deep on this, sharing with you his thoughts, and outlook on his life so far. This is an example of how diverse Manga is with, and is not put in to one box.

London City – I like this one for the production, and it also highlights Manga’s strong lyricism and smart wordplay, and his swagger with flow is second to none. This track also has a swing to it.

Pirate Radio Hearts – Ghetts is the featured artist on this track, and both he and Manga have come up, barring on radio, and this sees them barring, just showing out, giving you straight bars. Ghetts shows up, with his grimey style.

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