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UK Hip Hop artist Tripsz recently released a new project, and EP entitled “Green Friday”, released on 8/8/13, a day before Friday which also suggests why the title was apt, as he spits on a lot of the tracks about blunt smoking, which is mostly the concept for the whole of the EP. I wouldn’t really call this an EP either, as this is 15 tracks deep.

Tripsz showcases great flow on this project, spitting rapid flow on “Bitch, Dance”, although he could improve his flow, especially when it comes to choruses, but his delivery shines even on the opening track “Green Friday”, produced by River W and Leo S, a dark track that sees Tripsz take you in to the darkest corner of his mind as gets high, toking and releasing his pain. The tracks have a raw sound, poor quality recording to a certain extent, which is a shame, as Tripsz is talented. It does add a rawness to his vocals though, and it makes his delivery more hungry. Tripsz incorporates choruses in to his songs, but his flow fails him though, and they are quite weak, he just needs an explosive hook, even maybe get a singer on there to distinguish the hook from the verses, which are great already, but he needs something to really set the tracks alight.

Tripsz chooses some unfamiliar production on the Ep, apart from maybe one or two recognisable producers including Harry Fraud’s “In For The Kill”, which is great as he is giving some fresh, innovative producers their time to shine, and it makes his music stand out for more originality. A few of my favourite beats include River W and Leo S on “Green Friday”, Iinfynite on “I Get High” which is a heavy, hard hitting beat which mixes Hip Hop with Reggae. I’m not a lover of Trap, but “Shine Bright” which samples Rihanna’s “Diamonds” features a heavy bass, and Tripsz own style and delivery and flow on the beat stands out, because he just does him, and doesn’t succumb to the supposed flow that most Rappers take on a Trap instrumental, Tripsz takes his own angle. Another track that stands out is “Most Of Today” featuring American Rapper DonDonTheGreat and is produced by Dohnavan. The beat is a mellow, calm Hip Hop beat, which sees both artists spitting equally calm flows over the instrumental, releasing more pain, smoking in the process.

The concept for the Ep isn’t original by a long chalk, but Tripsz at least stays true to what he knows, and is keeping it real in his lyrics, taking his life experiences and turning them in to a song for the fans and listeners to take in and enjoy. There are two covers for “Green Friday”, one of which is embedded in the album artowrk, and is quite abstract, and unusual, I can’t make head nor tale of what it is, apart from thinking that is Tripsz smoking on a blunt with some cool and original effect placed on the image. The second is a pov image of Tripsz with a blunt in his hand sitting down, and isn’t as intriguing as the other artwork. What Tripsz fails in doing is placing any contact info or social networking info on the artwork or within the EP, and that is a shame, as he should be proud of his creativity on here.


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• SHOWING POTENTIAL – Tripsz is showing potential as an aspiring Hip Hop artist, and as far as upcoming UK Rap artists go, Tripsz is above average, he is one the better emcee’s, and even though there is abit of improvement that could be undertook, the foundation is there for Tripsz to go to the next level lyrically, and be recognised by the masses, or at least the wider audience of UK Hip Hop scene.


“Green Friday” – I love the dark production on this track by River W and Leo S, it is a different approach to spitting about drug abuse from Tripsz, who spits ferociously, setting the scene for the rest of the EP, taking you in to the dark pointss experiences with smoking weed and life experiences, smoking the pain way.

“I Get High” – Once again, the production by Iinfynite, who creates a Hip Hop/Reggae influenced beat is one of the strongest points of the track. Starting off with Tripsz floating through a slight singing rendition on the chorus, it puts me in mind of Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony. Elsewhere on the track, Tripsz lends from their rhymestyle again, with a rapid flow on the beat, not so fast, but Tripsz delivery is impeccable nevertheless.

“Shine Bright” – I never thought for one second that I would ever put a Trap song as one of my favourites, but that might support the rating I gave for Tripsz’ beat selection. I like the way Rihanna’s vocals were used from “Diamonds” on this Trap/Bass beat, the bass definitely hits hard here, and Tripsz kills the beat with slight quick-paced delivery, peppering the beat with his haunted thoughts put in to lyrics on the track.

“Overdose” – Overdose features the only guest artist DonDonTheGreat, an American Hip Hop artist. “Most Of Today” is a deep, lyrical stance from DonDonTheGreat especially, and both capture the pain in their bars, and reflect that through the delivery, and Tripsz whilst spitting about smoking on a blunt once again, spits about the thoughts running around in his mind troubling him. I actually love listening to this one, it is a calm and peaceful Hip Hop track, one that you could just kick back to.


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  1. Thank You I Just Found This On Google Under DonDonTheGreat And I Just Wanted To Say Thank You For The Support And Was Thinking Maybe You Could Review My Up Coming Tape (Still Not Crown) And It Drops 11.12.13 Let Me Know I Left My Email

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