SayKriDD Daley – Alcohol HipHop

saykridd daley cover

SayKriDD Daly’s debut mixtape ”Alcohol&HipHop”Featuring songs with, S.C.OdoubleT, Holly Wilson, TooYoung, Praise & JayRede.The mixtape is an instant hit, with songs like Hurricane, Champagne Lifestyle & Summer Vibe released with music videos and all fan favorite.Such a variety of songs everyone has their personal favorite,From Lyrical HipHop, Deep, Love, Motivational, Laid Back, Party & Good Vibes are all on this download.Download this now for FREE & support the HipHop Artist from Wales, Cardiff!!

  1. SayKriDD Daly – Alcohol&HipHop (Intro)

  2. SayKriDD Daly – Champagne Lifestyle

  3. SayKriDD Daly – Danger! Ft. FamLay Team, Dretonio & Marka

  4. SayKriDD Daly – iLL MiND oF SayKriDD

  5. SayKriDD Daly – Im Waiting

  6. SayKriDD Daly – Its HipHop Ft. JayRede

  7. SayKriDD Daly – Summer Vibe Ft. SFS

  8. SayKriDD Daly – Welcome To My City Ft. S.C.Odouble.T

  9. SayKriDD Daly – White Boy Wasted

  10. SayKriDD Daly – Zip It Up

  11. SayKriDD Daly Ft. Holly Wilson & JayRede – Hurricane

  12. SayKriDD Daly Ft. Praise & Holly Wilson – Mile Away

  13. SayKriDD Daly Ft. S.C.OdoubleT – Face The Music

  14. SayKriDD Daly Ft. Too Young & S.C.OdoubleT – Hold Of Me.

  15. SayKriDD Daly Ft. Too Young, S.C.OdoubleT & Holly Wilson – Until Tomorrow Comes –

SayKriDD Daly – Hurricane Feat. Holly Wilson & Jay-Rede

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