Stevengage Based Metal Band Suffer Outright Injustice

Whilst it is not related to the genre of music we at Death Kiss Media usually post, if you know me and my brother, you’ll know we are truly eclectic in our music tastes and do not discriminate any genre’s of music. Variety being the spice of life and all. Please continue to read as, the following blog hits on a personal level and affects our community directly being from Hertfordshire aswell as me knowing one of the Band members also. As an artist, we suffer setbacks aplenty during our musical journeys and aims at reaching the big time, but its not all about the fame and immediate success. We need music, most times its the only thing that makes sense, so we pump money into our dreams, investing in our potential futures and lifes outside of or 9 to 5’s just so we can let our hair down, and release our troubles and have a good time based around our passion. So as you can imagine it was very sad news for upcoming Stevenage/Hertfirdshire Metal band Outright Resistance as they woke to find out their intruments had been stolen, along with Guitarist Joe’s work van outside his house in Knebworth. What makes this such a hard pill to swallow, besides from the thousands of pounds lost in one foul swoop is that as a group they were literally making headlines, having featured at numerous shows and events up and down the country and set to hit some big festivals this year aswell. A band really making strides towards greatness and not only that a great bunch of people. So please if you are reading this, all it takes is a share, tag your Hertfordshire residing mates in the post, you never know they might have heard something of a load of music gear recently being made avaliable for sale or seen something listed on a selling site. Its not only a huge setback for a very talented group but a blow to the pocket and a stumbling block that will be extremely hard to come back from. I hope this blog goes someway to raising awareness for this horrible act of crime that halts progress of some truly lovely people. So please share and be sure to check out the Groups music. We are showing Outright Resistance to crime. Lets try collectively to catch the scrotes that care none for the hard work and ambitions of other human beings. Theiving cunts bastards. Peace out #OutrightResistance #TeamDeathKiss #TeamMusick #Musick

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Police Details – Log 209 9/5/16 WCR/2478/e

-Vehicle- White Ford Transit, Registration HJ61PBX

-Drums- DDrum Defiant in sparkle grey (no cases) Kick, two rack toms (one is more sparkly then the other), floor tom small bag (blue) with clamps – floor tom legs are loose. 4 drum stands + hi hat stand drum throne, ruck sack containing drum sticks earplugs etc two cymbal bags – one vader (I believe) one zildjian – the Zildjian contained only a China, the other has all other cymbals – two crashes, ride and hihats. “Hardware” Snare case containing 14″ Pearl Masters snare drum (glitter finish)

-Guitars/amps etc- Peavey 6505+ Engl Powerball (V1) in flight case which has OR Spray painted down the back side. this amp also has a valve light go off where i haven’t had it serviced for ages) Inside said flight contains the following; Power distribution unit G major 1 with broken knob wheel on right side Silver-faced RJM RG16 Guitar pedals – MXR Phase 90, analog Chorus (blue), Dyna comp Boss OD1 Line 6 G55 Wireless guitar receiver Mark Tremonti Power Wah in drawer with cables etc Tool Box containing extra cables, Korg Pitchblack tuner, extra strings wooden guitar pick box, silver guitar strap with wireless transmitter taped to it in green/yellow electrical tape.

Engl 4×12 Cab (heavy used) only one input on the back works Orange 4×12 cab with black cover Ashdown 4×10 (heavy used) and Ashdown 180 bass head

Red Ibanez Gio (Reverse headstock) in gig bag Black Ibanez RG170DX with flames and ying/yang painted on the body (very unique), emg pick ups – in a PRS se gig bag ESP LTD Horizon (red) in fender gigbag (I believe) White/Cream Fender strat (jim root) in white tweed style hard case

Shure BLX24UK/ Beta 58 Wireless microphone in Black shure soft case

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