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UK Hip Hop artist Sway returns with his third studio album ‘Deliverance’, featuring the singles ‘Stream It’, ‘Snap Shot’, ‘Still Speedin” and ‘Level Up’ plus much more. The Deliverance album brings together Sway’s unique rhyming skills, wordplay and breath-taking rapid delivery with a message that he hopes to connect with ‘all kinds of people’ as well as spread a positive message.
Sway opens up Deliverance with ‘The Deliverance Song’ which exemplifies his astounding wordplay skills, as he literally spells out his story of endurance and perseverance, as well as expressing his thanks for his blessings. Singer Daniel De Bourg features on this uplifting Hip Hop production featuring gospel singers in the background vocals. Following up this track is ‘Testimony’ featuring Tiggs The Author, and in the same vein as the previous, Sway raps about enduring through blood, sweat and tears, chasing the money and his dreams.
Sway delivers us the third in the Download series, ‘Stream It’ featuring Mista Silva, as the pair starts to employ rapid flows, as he locks in to the latest movement in the ever changing music industry, as he rhymes about the urge we all have to constantly consume and stream music and download it. Sway decimates his own jangling, forceful production. With ‘Snap Shot’, apart from en-capturing the obsession we have with taking shots nowadays, especially selfies, Sway unravels his experiences of living in the spotlight, under the eye, and traveling the globe, capturing your times in one snap shot. Sam Garrett features bringing some wonderful singing vocals on a worldly production that consists of rhythmic African drums.
‘Blow It’, pointing out this is one of my favourites on the album, features fellow Dcypha rapper They Call Me Raptor, as well as singer Ryan Farmer laying down a great, catchy hook, as the two rappers deliver rapid bars on the track which addresses the matter of us all blowing money like it grows on trees. The production is banging, a bass trapesque Hip Hop beat that both Sway and Raptor take to with effortless flow. ‘Wanna Be’ is another track on which Sway offers his own perspective on our ethics, this time everyone wanting to emulate celebrities, with Sway and KSI delivering a message that you have to be yourself. Sway then turns around and produces a positive role model in his girlfriend whom is fully focused on studying and bettering her knowledge and her career aspects.
The album’s themes take a dip in to more poignant music, with ‘Crier’ featuring a grand chorus by Ruth Brown and Choir, on which Sway rhymes about the genocide worldwide, telling us to believe in higher power as well as come to our senses and learn to love. Sway delivers fantastic flows, displaying terrific patter on a rhythmic beat, with the choir laying down vocals over lashing production in contrast to the rest of the track. ‘The Sea’ is a powerful, saddening story of a man surviving the sea, going through a terrible illness. The story is more impacting as the story unfolds, revealing the strength through the trials and tribulations, and is story of survival. ‘Follow You’ features two stories about people at a crossroads that are faced with choices, and at the end of the day you have to listen to that voice in your heads and follow your instincts.
Raising the mood on the album once again is ‘Ain’t Going Home’ featuring long-time collaborator Mr Bigz, with Tony Blaize delivering soulful vocals on the hook of this funky tune, with the two mc’s both showcasing superb wordplay, as they emphasize their continuous control of a rap game as they set the levels constantly, always returning and never to leave, and become saviors for the rap game. ‘Reign Dance’ is a fusion of electronic music from Dubstep to Drum and Bass, as Sway rhymes about his preparation to reign, banishing all fear of what to come and taking on all opposer’s. Jamal Hadaway features on a chorus that makes use of heterographs, as Jamal sings on the hook about people coming together and dancing in the rain in order to end a drought. Sway ends the Deliverance with two bonus tracks, ‘Still Speedin” featuring US Rapper Lupe Fiasco, and is a revisit to the Up Your Speed saga, on an energetic, up-tempo lashing dance electronic dance/hip hop production, as he delivers breath-taking chopper flows, expressing that he is still speeding along after all this time. Ending with ‘Level Up’, another electronic dance smash, Sway continues his climb to stardom, raising the levels each and every time.
Deliverance has been a long time in the making and doesn’t fail to impress or deliver, with Sway taking you through various emotions on this album, with quality production spanning electronic dance music, hip hop and trap, as he flexes his lyrical skills and array of flows once again. The music displays Sway’s continuous growth as an artist with his song craft improving again, delivering hot tracks that are infectious and commercial in one sense yet holding messages to inspire via positivity. Overall, this album was entertaining and captivating from start to end and is probably one of the top 10 from any UK Rap or Grime artist this year so far.

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