#TOXICTV – 9 Milli Major ft Meridian Dan & Paper Pablo (Bloodline) – ” Us ”

#TOXICTV - 9 Milli Major ft Meridian Dan & Paper Pablo (Bloodline) - Us

Better late than never, Bloodline members 9 Milli Major, Meridian Dan and Paper Pabs drop a music video filmed by Toxic TV for their version of Thomas Mellor’s “”Straight Up” instrumental. This beat fits these emcee’s style perfectly, almost to the point that I thought I had heard them on it before. But anyway, All three emcee’s drop strong verses, spitting more from the perspective of the road, the gist of the track is them only trusting their immediate circle, middle finger up to the fake friends. The chorus is simple and to the point, focusing more on their bars, delivery and flow.

The video filmed by Toxic Tv, is filmed on location around Bloodline’s stomping grounds, and sees them all link up together, sticking together through all the madness. Simple but effective video, more of a Street Video.

Baaaaaanger!!! Check it out, leave a comment and make sure that you purchase “Sindustry” by Milli Major lout very soon.



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