#TOXICTV – Abna – home feat Sdotblee

abna half

Ok first things first. Salute to Abna and Sdotblee for making REAL HIP HOP! UK rap at its best.Honest lyricism. In not glamorising road life, and getting deep with the bars, Abna and Sdotblee have actually made a more gully, yet commercially appealing Hip Hop banger. The pair spit knowledge and reality over a delicious retro track, peppered with intricate singing samples and choir effects. The melody of the beat emphasises the message in their bars, and the quinessentially british style of the pairs rap, make them stand out amongst their peers, in a great ode to London city. Abna and Sdotblee are two of the best rappers around, getting the mix of lyrics for the streets, and enough quirkiness and subtle humour within their rhymes that they have managed to make a song about London, seem international. No matter where you are from, Home is an anthem you can rock. Would love to hear this performed at a festival or in a packed venue. Epic tune. Big bars! Big Video. Check out the visuals and share the greatness. Leave us your comments below…


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