Would You Bushkin Ft. Discreet

bushkin would you cover

Launching back on to the UK music scene in a way you would never of imagined Bushkin (formally of The Heartless Crew) alongside Discreet deliver a sexy and instantly catchy song entitled ‘Would You’.
The track combine’s a slick R&B sound with a modern day vibe and is definitely a tune that you will have on replay.

This is a step away from the Bushy B style we know, but he kills it. In true Bushkin style. This is a song for the ladies and the guys to woo their ladies with. UK soul, slow jams and romance in full effect. Really feeling the beat, its remeiniscent of the 90s flava of RnB. The RnB we (well my generation) once loved. Such a tune, Bushkin and female vocalist Discreet intwine on the riddim with a great chemistry. “Would You” is hot. Should be a hit for Bush Bash Recordings.

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