Alllana Verde – Broken Record EP

Fresh off a BBC Radio 1Xtra premiere with the new King of the Live Lounge DJ Ace, the Broken Record EP is the new release from London R&B Singer Allana Verde, featuring four stunning tracks. Allana Verde is a unique and outstanding, talented artist who draws you in to records with a journey documented in her songs, that explores heartbreak, regaining personal confidence and empowerment and much more.

The EP’s title track is an intense, Trap-influenced, bass-heavy R&B banger from Allana who showcases her amazing vocal range, harmonious and angelically soothing. The song will connect with those in a relationship that have heard all the lies before, had one too many apologies and have or are going around in circles and doing and saying the same things, with no change perhaps. Allana Verde brings a certain sense of bitterness, or at least empowered by her own new-found independence and strength.

”Complicated” represents the love-hate relationship that some couples may go through, with Allana torn between whether she should give it a go with the man she feels she loves one moment, and hates the next. Allana Verde isn’t more certain of her feelings on ”Bad Side”, showing her other side in a situation where she has had it with the wrongs of her guy, breaking up for the last time with him, after all the make-ups.

”I Know Better Now” stars an Allana Verde that is experienced in love, more wise to the pain and hurt, the lies or the cheating, in one relationship or another. Allana Verde knows better now and is ready to move on from a moment in her life.

The Broken Record EP has all the classic elements of an R&B record, but with Allana’s own unique flavour and ability to captivate her audience. Like previous single ”Bad Side”, the EP is an emotive record, complex and introspective of Allana’s feelings. The production on ”Bad Side” features a harp, whilst on the EP, there are flashes of 80’s pop merging with R&B classics, sitting on an undercurrent of fresh synths and current styles that will draw your ear straight in to the record.

Allana Verde gained notable attention in 2016 with the release of her ‘Neo Nostalgia EP, from the likes of Trevor Nelson and DJ Target, as well as platforms and tastemaker sites Complex, The Fader and i-D.

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