Ashley Shakur – Hare Colours

“a blend of the golden age original, the new, and all wrapped together in a showering of different hues” – NOISEY

Ashley Shakur kicked off the year with the release of his debut EP Hare This, the South London emcee is now back with his second EP in a trilogy of projects connecting fashion, art and music. The new project combines Ash Shakur’s clever wordplay, striking flows and “inherent poetic wit” on a selection of beats from different producers, proving his versatility as an artist.
‘Shine’ kicks of the EP, and somewhat of a statement of intent from Ash, he delivers his rhymes over a deep bass rolling Hip Hop-come-Trap beat, produced by Who Is Mike, with a guitar riff driving the melody. The lyrics convey Ashley’s positive attitude and self-belief in his own craft, with the line “you can’t deny my success, you can’t doubt my future” exemplifying that he believes he has a bright future. ‘We’re Here’ is the lead single from the EP, and with a summery, soulful vibe on the production by Mr Muzira, this is the epitome of Ash Shakur’s “laidback attitude and ambition to create his own lane and not pay attention to what others are doing”. ‘Depends On How The Day Goes’ is once again a surprise turn on the project as Ashley conjures up another soulful track that starts off with a classic Rick James sample from Fire and Desire. A Hip Hop slow jam, Ash rhymes about relationships and his approach to entering one, taking things slowly and day by day. Whilst Ash employs his signature flow here, on ‘Remedy’ he switches it up with fun, up-tempo production from The Kount. His rhymes are delivered with energy over the funky Hip Hop instrumental, spreading his remedy of love, soul and good times, something he offers to his lady. Ash displays superb vocal talent on this one, singing and rapping in a laid back style.
Hare Colours evokes many emotions and different moods, with each song relating to a particular colour, as depicted on the artwork for each track. As Ash Shakur says of the EP, “. . .it represents the times we are in, it’s here to create an impact and start conversations.” Ash Shakur is an all-round creative whose foray into music came when he was creating illustrations whilst listening to classic Hip Hop instrumentals from the likes of Outkast, Nas and Mobb Deep. A truly independent artist, taking full control of his artistic direction, designing his own artwork and clothes and, co-directing his visuals.
Ash is one of those few musicians that thinks outside the box, bringing originality back to the music, and he has a fresh and unorthodox style to offer to the UK Hip Hop scene, with his unique cadence and positive storytelling. Ash tackles current topics and issues in today’s world and his thought-provoking music has even caught attention from underground radio stations including Reprezent and Radar as well as Noisey, Earmilk, Complex and Indie Shuffle.
With this refreshing collection of tracks, this fills a void that the Hip Hop scene is currently lacking, and should cement him as one of the standout artists in the British music scene. “These are the things I want to see, these are the things I want to hear” says the musically ambitious, young wordsmith.

Ash Shakur Presents ” Hare Colours”

Download Full EP:

1. SHINE prod. Who Is Mike
2. Can We Make It Out prod. P Soul
3. Night Sky prod. Pirooz Beats
4. Depends On How The Day Goes Prod. Point 5
5. Soul In Here(Bonus) Prod. Bluestaeb
6. Remedy Prod. The Kount
7. We’re Here Prod. Mr Muzira

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