Kid Bookie – Some Kind Of Hate

Kid Bookie – Some Kind Of Hate

Grime/Hip Hop MC Kid Bookie linked up with SBTV last week to give out his free mixtape over Christmas as promised. The mixtape features 11 strong tracks, with production from the likes of Lewis Cullen, and with artist features Brotherhood, Maxsta, Kozzie, Dot Rotten, Scrufizzer and more. The lyrical content by Kid Bookie on this release is more introspective, as he takes a look at his own life, how it is and how he has to adapt to the pressures of being a musician in the lime light, as well as making comparisons to his life before the fame. Not only does he put his own life in to perspective, but he analyses the music industry, and the hate from many fans and artists alike, as well as the stae of the scene. This is not conveyed more perfectly than in the ‘Fast Forward’ and ‘Hate’, the latter featuring Brotherhood and Maxsta, both are produced by Lewis Cullen. Both are melodious productions, ‘Fast Forward’ is a lashing Hip Hop beat, on which Bookie addresses his path he is taking in the pursuing his dreams. ‘Hate’ is an excellent portrayal of many forms of hate that the artists encounter on their journey, with Kid Bookie concluding that even he may have hate in him.

A track that took my interest was ‘Grown’ featuring singer Christie, on a piano-driven, synthed melody, on which Kid Bookie spits about the phases he went through as he grew up, from smoking to rolling with the crew, getting to an age when he would speak his mind, yet hitting the drink and collecting his thoughts. Kid Bookie also goes on to rhyme about fakery, fame, and states that he will always stay true to his roots. Christie is particularly impressive with calm, soothing singing vocals on the hook.

Kid Bookie takes on a more ferocious delivery and lyrical side on ‘Don’t Shoot’, a bass booming Trap beat, as he spits about the violence in todays society, as he rhymes about the police and the brutality that they bring. Kid Bookie puts heart-felt opinions in to this track, as he addresses the situation in Ferguson and the US, as well as stating it is warefare, and that they hide behind a uniform. Bookie turns his attentions to rival mc’s on ‘Fuck You Rapping’, another Trap influenced Grime beat, featuring Kozzie and Taper. Kid Bookie kills it with the chopper style, fast paced flows, as he attacks those few mc’s who he questions on why they are rapping, as well as he and Kozzie injecting weed induced lyricism in to the track, Kozzie labeling the scene a joke, as well as expressing the amount of loud he smokes. Taper also attacks fakes and liers, mc’s that claim that they are from the roadside and making money, when in actual fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Grab a free download of Kid Bookie’s latest release ”Some Kind Of Hate’ below, or stream and listen below, and leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below . . .

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