PROBLEM CHILD – Confessions of a normal human being

Confessions of a normal human being

UK Hip Hop collective Problem Child bring you their debut album “Confessions of a normal human being”, with production by Sumgii, lyrics written by the trio of lyricists Illaman, Dabbla and Dubbledge along with Alex Evans mixing and mastering all 15 tracks. The unique production by Sumgii has a essence of old skool Hip Hop style beats whilst incorporating grimey elements including dirty basslines on such tracks as the opening “Energy”, “Fully Fledged”, “Sheep”, the title track and many more, also teetering on the side of the Dubstep genre.

Problem Child’s rhyme style holds somewhat of a shock value, whilst not trying to come across as social misfits, care-free attitudes, saying whatever comes to mind no matter who they offend. The title track sees all three lyricists dropping outrageous bars, depicting a crude personality for each in such an effed system. Problem Child seem like those that don’t conform to society neither, as evident on “Sheep”, spitting about the order of life. The dubstep influence continues on “All Day Long”, the subject of the song showcasing the money making mentality, and takes wipes at those layabouts, preferring to get out, go on a hype ting, drinking, swagging out. The dark production on this album brings out the darkness in the lyrical content, but a lighter yet still outrageous track is “Colourblind”, a trippy production which features the trio dropping crazy bars, creative metaphors coming from their dark minds, delivery full of confidence, going on aggy with the lyricism. Towards the end of the album, you have a bass heavy Trap banger called “Skank”, the subject of the song dealing with Problem Child’s hectic lifestyles, getting drunk, pushing their organs to the limit, acting raggo, turning to weed too, ending up out of their faces.

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Illaman, Dabbla and Dubbledge come together to mix different lyrical styles together, flow is hard hitting, fast paced or what ever they feel like on such a beat, all on the same level with their twisted, warped lyrical minds, spitting about such things in society that irk them, plus throwing innovative but dark metaphors in to some tracks in which they try to express their superior skills, sometimes seeming out of this world. Sumgii’s excellent and crisp production is varied too, and complements Problem Child’s style, and gives the album a mixed vibe. Impressive material from the collective!

Stream the album below, having the option to purchase the digital download or the hard copy which contains a bonus track. Check out the tracks that I feel are some of the strongest and capture the main themes of the album, but also leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, telling us your favourite tracks . . .

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