Vic Santoro – Transition ft. Swiss

‘Transition’ is the second single to drop, and the first music video, from South London artist Vic Santoro’s latest release ‘Lifestyle: Glory Days, Pt. 3′. Vic Santoro’s very own determination and passion for his craft have seen him grow over the last few years, from his music, being involved with some of Grime’s biggest names with Tizzy Gang, to becoming a successful actor in his own right (‘Blue Story’, ‘Gun No. 6′). Perhaps, the most positive thing for Vic Santoro, is his back story and where he came from, spending 11 years in jail , to turning his life around, becoming a public speaker, and inspiring those from similar backgrounds to choose another path.

As evident from listening the the first two installments of the Glory Days series, Vic Santoro is keeping the heart and soul in the UK Hip Hop scene, from the production to the lyrical content, which reflects his reality, how his environment and choices have shaped him as a man. ‘Transition’ reflects the transition that both Vic and Swiss, of So Solid fame, have made, coming from the ghetto high rise to the city skyscrapers, roadman to business man. Swiss handles the chorus, which epitomizes the song’s point, whilst both ride the soulful Hip Hop instrumental, their rhymes comparing their past to their present, with a bright and positive future ahead.

Vic Santoro’s story may not be too dissimilar to many other young men, especially in the black community, but he has taken his God-given skills and talent to be creative in a positive way. Even the music video seems to have benefited from Vic Santoro’s own skills as a director, featuring some cinematic scenes of suited and booted business men in a boardroom, combined with performance shots.

Check out the video below and make sure to check out the rest of the Glory Days series over on Vic Santoro’s Bandcamp. Let us know what your thoughts and opinions.

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