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Wiley releases his highly anticipated eleventh studio album “Godfather”, an album that reinforces Eskiboy’s place as a pioneer and legend, the godfather of Grime, a genre that originated in East, and which he helped usher in. This album is Wiley’s way of reminding us of his roots and for those that have forgotten that he is at the forefront of the scene, but also that he is moving with the times and still as current as the new wave of emcee’s, some of which he praises on the album.
There are a slew of heavy hitters on the album, kicking off with ‘Birds n Bars’, two tracks in one, the first half featuring some classic Eski grime production, with pulsating synths and a dirty bass line, where Wiley warms up with braggadocio lyricism. ‘Speakerbox’ is one of many stand out tracks on the album and is yet another resurgence of the old school Wiley Eski sound, and it features vocals from Wiley who terrorises the lashing grime beat with ferocity, spitting about how he has achieved everything he set out to do and become a boss. From birthing the UK’s fast rising Grime genre to successfully transitioning in to the mainstream without losing credibility as Grime’s elite emcee, he has came and conquered.
The aptly named banger ‘Bang’ features Ghetts, with both spraying uncontrollably on the rapid fire production, heating up the track with nothing but highly flammable flows and hot bars. ‘Name Brand’ features Wiley alongside BBK’s JME and Frisco as well as J2K, which is a song that states that these four emcee’s are as recognisable as name brands, giants in the grime scene with reputations to uphold. ‘On This’ is perhaps one of the highlight collaborations on the album though, bringing together Ice Kid, Chip and Little Dee of OG’z, all formerly mentored by Wiley, for an electric grime banger. These four elite emcee’s are just a few that are top of their game with no signs of falling off.
Other collaborations on the album include ‘Bring Them All/Holy Grime’ featuring Devlin, a heavyweight grime-come-trap slammer on which both emcee’s go on wicked with the bars and flows. ‘Joe Bloggs’ is a reference to how old school Wiley, Newham Generals and President T are, from Basic Instinct and Bill & Ted to Fila trainers and 2Pac, these lot have been on their ting for a long time and managed to maintain a level of consistency and quality. Scratchy features on ‘Bait Face’ as he and Wiley go back to back on a growling grime instrumental, boasting of their superiority when up against most of the competition.
‘Can’t Go Wrong’, one of the early singles from the album is a heavy hitting, bass laden, up tempo grime banger where Wiley praises Skepta amongst other emcee’s who are succeeding at their craft. You can’t go wrong with heart, skill and authenticity. Wiley recruits Skepta alongside Belly on ‘U Were Always Pt 2′, the only mellow track on the album. Grime meets R&B on this SWV sampled track and is a slow jam about the girls in the trio’s lives who are acting up and cheating whilst they are out grinding. This song is a testament to how Wiley can produce top music to appeal to both the Grime fans and the mainstream. The last track on the album is a remix to ‘P Money’ and actually features the OG’z head honcho himself. P Money lights up the track with rapid flows and sits alongside Wiley reinforcing that they are the best.
“Godfather” is a high-octane, energetic album featuring top-notch bars, quick-fire flows and precision delivery from the Godfather of Grime, plastered over up-tempo Grime production, a resurgence of the Eski sound, as well as new wave bass-infused Trap. Wiley accepts the title of Godfather and marvels at his own legacy, not only his own achievements but the success of the Grime scene he has helped build.

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