Haterproof – The Proof 3 Club Edition

 Haterproof Presents - The Proof 3 Club Edition Front Cover

The latest release from Haterproof Ent is “The Proof 3 Club Edition”, executively produced by Hater Proof’s very own Motzzi. This release showcases some of the current and future talent on the label, with a few tasters of what to look out for in the new year, all artists bringing you either Electro or House music. Featured on this Club E.P are Chronikal, a female MC from Nottingham, who’s track “Oh Yeah” is a Club/Electro production on which she brings the party vibe, a weekender in which she spits about getting drunk, wavey, and having the music pumping. The wild emcee goes through the week, a bubbly, banging track. Chronikal teams up with Electro singer/songwriter Stewart Bower from Scotland for another track entitled “Raise Your Glasses”. Chronikal is featured spitting more lyrics, another club banger, again about having a good time, drinking until you hit the limit, partying like mad. Stewart Bower’s vocals on the hook are smooth and add a bit more party vibe to the raving mad track, plus the beat is thumping once again.

Siya is a singer from South Africa who is due to be releasing her solo E.P with Haterproof in the Summer, and she has a couple of tracks on “The Proof 3”, with “Voodoo”, a Electro/House number which features Siya showcasing her amazing vocal chords, starting out with a beautiful Gospel voice, the track kicks in to an energetic production, hard kicks, as she sings, her enchanting singing voice carrying the tune, hypnotic and hauntingly smooth. “Power” is an out and out House tune, in which once again, Siya sings beautifully over the hard-hitting House beat, this one all about her showing you the power of a woman, the power of love, drawing you in, she’s almost irresistable. Take from this one what you will, either way it’s a fabulous song, catchy and smooth flowing with a nice hook, the production is quality too.

The other artist featured on the release is Supastar, a Jamaican singer/songwriter with his stand-alone track entitled “Get You With Me”. Another club banger, Supastar sings for the ladies on this thumping, hard kicking House beat, wanting to take his dream girl out, pick her up and get her with him. Supastar’s spurts of vocal singing are smooth, and apart from the hook, he lets the beat do the talking.

Haterproof have put together a fab club project here, with banging, electrifying and energetic Electro and House tracks from some of their own artists, featured on great, professional and quality production from producers from around the world from France to USA, and with plenty more from these upcoming musicians, you won’t want to miss out. Purchase “The Proof 3 Club Edition” today, let us know your opinions and look out for much more from Haterproof . . .

Check out the snippet of The Proof 3 here:

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Track List:

1. Siya – Voodoo

2. Chronikal – Oh Yeah

3. Siya – Power

4. Chronikal ft S. Bower – Raise Your Glasses

5. Supastar – Get You With Me












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